The latest and greatest interviews and media appearances by John Lydon and PiL.


Blackpool Gazette, May 8th 2024

Sunday Times, April 25th 2024

The Yorkshire Post, April 19th 2024

Daily Express, March 31st 2024

The Marshwood Vale Magazine, March 29th 2024

Saga Exceptional, March 27th 2024

Toni McDonald on BBC Hereford & Worcester, March 19th 2024

LBC, Tonight with Andrew Marr, March 7th 2024
(starts approx 33 mins)

The Brighton Beat with John Keenan, March 6th 2024

Meridian FM, Norman Wong Show, March 1st 2024

Taunton, Tone FM, March 17th 2024

Frome FM, Different Sounds, February 17th 2024

Financial Times, February 17th 2024

Times Radio, The Evening Edition, February 16th 2024


Sunday Post, September 8th 2023 (external link)

Good Morning Britain, September 5th 2023 (external video)

Spotify, John Lydon – End of World Track by Track, August 17th 2023 (external audio)

Yorkshire Post, August 24th 2023 (external link)

Spin Magazine, August 22nd 2023 (external link)

XS Noize Podcast, August 17th 2023 (external audio)

Flood Magazine, August 14th 2023 (external link)

Yahoo Life, August 13th 2023 (external link)

The Sun, August 11th 2023 (external link)

The Express, August 10th 2023 (external link)

Variety, August 11th 2023 (external link)

The Guardian, July 29th 2023 (external link)

Rolling Stone, Italy, July 28th 2023 (external link)

The Times, July 11th 2023 (external link)

The New Cue, June 19th 2023 (external link)

Evening Standard, February 2nd 2023  (external link)

ITV, Good Morning January 31st 2023 (external video)

Channel 5 News, January 20th 2023 (external video)

Good Morning Britain, January 16th 2023 (external video)

The Guardian, January 15th 2023 (external link)

The Irish Independent, January 15th 2023 (external link)

The Irish Sun, January 13th 2023 (external link)

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BBC Scotland, Vic Galloway, October 11th 2021 (external link)

The Yorkshire Post, October 6th 2021 (external link)

The Metro, Tuesday September 28th 2021 (external link)
Please note: Contrary to what is stated in this article, in the 1990’s John Lydon sold his Sex Pistols publishing interests, not his approval rights.

The Telegraph, September 11th 2021 (external link)

BBC Radio 2, Steve Wright in the Afternoon, September 9th 2021 (external audio, starts approx 2:37 hours)

BBC 5 Live, September 9th 2021 (external audio, starts approx 2:04 hours)

Channel 5 News, September 8th 2021 (external video)

Good Morning Britain, September 7th 2021 (external video)

Daily Mirror, August 13th 2021 (external link)

Hustler Magazine, June 5th 2021 (external link)

The Quietus, April 6th 2021 (external link)

Life of Brian. Mannix That Is (Podcast), January 26th 2021 (external audio)