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Lollipop Mob Reports 2012

Attention Lollipop Mob, we want your reports!

PiL may have to work outside the system- or shitsdem as John would say - but we're all in this together. This is PiL. All of us. In June 2012 we launched the Lollipop Mob - as the honorary PiL army - and we are looking for your active participation throughout the tour; and beyond... We will always, always, do our best to help with anything...

Following on from the popularity of the previous few years we'd love your Tour Reports and Reviews from all shows... Send them to the site.

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Spread the word Lollipop's. John and Rambo and all the PiL team really appreciate your support. It could not happen without you. Lets get PiL where they belong... We salute you Lollipop Mob!


Fun Fun Fun Festival, Austin, Texas, USA, November 3rd 2012

Finally caught a show!!! The Fun fun fun PIL set was perfect. But way too short. Crowd was huge. Sound was excellent from our end even though John was having trouble with it from the stage. We were right up near the stage with my 6 year old on my shoulders waving a colorful lighted stick. I think John noticed him. Also met him during the signing. Got the first PIL single signed. Wished I could have caught a club show to get the full set but this was still great.



Deeper Water - Live in Austin (posted by fan)


Houston, TX, Scout Bar, USA, November 2nd 2012

From the first moment I heard the song "Public Image" in the early 80s I knew John Lydon was a figure I would be able to relate. For nearly 25 years the words of Mr. Lydon rang through my head and filled me with the will to be independent in my thoughts, to be original in my own person and to not let the idiocracy of others get me down. John has become a beacon of light in my life and I thank him dearly for that. John was a role model in my youth when there was none and I learned to channel anger and resentment into creativity and help change this world we are living in. At 41 I am working diligently to inspire my 13 year old son with the knowledge infused in me from John's work. I believe my son can and will help change the world idiology. Last night I witnessed PiL here in the Houston area. Though it is typical for Houstonians to attend a show and stand like the undead with no emotion, talks before and after the show with fans from their 20s to 60s were filled with electricity and respect for a man and a band that has worked through shit and glory to continue to change views and lives. Thank you again for all you do. If nothing more, you have made a difference in one life.

Christopher Johnson


The show at the Scout Bar was friggin great. To be honest I was only familiar with a few of the songs prior to the concert but that didn't matter as the band sounded great. (I guess that's what is meant by a tight band).No idea how to describe the music, post apocalypse rock/dance music is a phrase full of pretension and I have no idea what that really means.To me it was rock music with what they used to say 'it's got a great beat JL transfixed the crowd with his jutting chin,evil eye and scowl that Billy Idol would die for. Best line of the evening 'come on Texas did you just come here to stare.

Nigel Cook


I bought the Sex Pistols "Never Mind the Bollocks" as a young teen when it was originally released, and after the band broke apart, I transitioned along with John into PiL. Most of my favorite songs are from that first album, but this is the first time I've had the opportunity to see the band live. We had a good view of the stage right on the front left hand side. The band was incredibly tight and professional. I was very impressed with the talents of the guitarist and his many unusual stringed instruments. These were handed to him as needed by an assistant, who wiped them down before and after they were used. John Lydon still has quite a bit of personal charisma and stage presence. His vocals were spot on. Many of the songs that you wouldn't think would be easy to translate from the studio to the stage went over very well- the true high point being "This is Religion" from the first album. I really enjoyed hearing the new single, "Deeper Water". You could tell it was new and it had a softer edge to it, but it was very catchy. John did a much better job performing this song at the Scout Bar than any of the You Tube video's I've seen of it since then. Hearing it, made me want to go out and buy the new CD. I hope PiL will continue to mix their newer songs in with the older material and not fall into the trap some of the older groups have found themselves in. The audience was not nearly as stoic as another reviewer mentioned- at least not from where I was standing. There was a group of mostly guys who were attempting to mosh, so much that it prompted John to ask from the stage that they stop all the pushing and shoving as it was crushing the girls in the front rows. I saw at least two members of the audience who were escorted outside. The mix of ages was completely across the board from early 20's to well into those in their 60's. After the show, the band members came out of their tour bus to sign autographs, but I didn't stick around. This bar is not actually in Houston city limits and I'm sure most of the audience, including myself drove quite a distance to get to the bar. Two friends that I hadn't seen in 20 years drove straight through from Austin just for the show. This is one that will stay in my memory for quite some time and I wouldn't hesitate to see them again if they should come through here.

Tracy Bayarena


Dallas, TX, Granada Theater, USA, November 1st 2012

Lightning does indeed strike in the same place. Two years a go my wife and I were lucky enough to have met John, Rambo and the band in KC. My wife was 8 months pregnant with our daughter Brynnah. Her middle name is "Lydon" after her Dads Lifetime Hero because of what an AMAZING, RESPECTABLE, HUMAN BEING that John Lydon is. So we got to introduce her to John. He said he was very "Heart Warmed' with our gesture of naming her after him.(pics enclosed). Now on to the GREATEST Show we have ever seen. The band was tight, song selection great and Johns voice was stronger than any of the other times we have seen him. For it to be this late into an American tour preceded by the Euro tour it was a pleasant surprise. Deep Water my favorite off the new cd was AMAZING and all of the new songs fit perfectly into the set. Not a down part in the whole set. Of course Albatross, Religion were Fucking GREAT. "Open Up" was better than the original version. I just hope that the new music will come at a quicker pace in the future because this artist and band are still VERY IMPORTANT to the world. THIS IS REAL MUSIC FROM THE HEART, not this fabricated shit from the Reality shows Machines.

Thanks to John , Rambo and all of the band for such a GREAT SHOW. And a final message to John from thanks for all of years of music that have made my life more complete. My wife gets it too and we will pass it on to our Daughter Brynnah Lydon Groce. We are so Honored that she had a chance to be in the same room with you. A GREAT Story to tell her when she gets old enough to understand where that middle name comes from. Please tour again soon and lets get more music out sooner than later..

Brian , Rebecca and Brynnah Lydon Groce

Brian , Rebecca and Brynnah Lydon Groce


Open Up - live in Dallas (posted by fan)


Good Records, Dallas, in-store signing, November 1st 2012

Great meeting other PiL fans while waiting. John Lydon arrived twenty minutes early, had a quick fag outside and then the event got rolling. One couple brought their child who they middle named "Lydon" to meet him. Had my CD/DVD of This Is PiL signed. Unable to attend show at Granada :( but am making up for it by watching This Is PiL in Heaven DVD right now.

Kevin Andrew Kunreuther


Tempe, AZ, The Marquee, USA, October 30th 2012

A Great Show, Mr. Lydon is at the top of his game... Played a lot of songs from the new lp This is PIL & played the Hits like any self respecting PoP Star and even threw in a few surprises... PIL has not lost their intensity !!

Michael Henry

Thank you for the great show, I feared that I would never see PIL. It was well worth the wait.

Jim Sagar


San Diego, CA, House of Blues, USA, October 29th 2012

I have never been to see P.I.L. before and after experiencing them live I am rather wishing I had as it makes me wonder what I missed out on. This show blew me away and I have not been so excited after a gig in years! John, thank you for making us feel like you were 100% present and giving it your all. I was entertained, moved and fascinated by your stage presence, musicality and voice. Your drummer, bass player and guitarist are all gifted and extremely tight together. The sound was loud yet crystal clear and it was like candy for the ears….no fancy lights, just high quality music…thank you sir!



Disappointed - live in San Diego (posted by fan)

Religion - live in San Diego (posted by fan)


Los Angeles, CA, Club NOKIA, USA, October 28th 2012

Sunday, October 28 was the night PiL played at Club Nokia in LA, also marking the second time I've seen PiL. I saw them play back in 2010 at the same venue (nostalgic, I know) when I was just two months shy from turning 14. They expanded my mind. Returning two years later was even greater.

I am from San Diego, and learning that the House of Blues venue was 21+ seemed heart wrenching, but now I want to personally thank whoever laid out the details/regulations of the gig because my weekend turned into the time of my life because of it. Instead of staying in San Diego, I went up to LA to see the concert with my dad. Thank you. That meant the entire world to me. But back to the review, the Club Nokia gig of 2012 was TIGHT! I couldn't believe my ears when you guys played! I'm only 16 and haven't been to many concerts, but this, I swear, is some of the most outstanding music out there. The bass to Religion shot up my spine and pounded on my brain, it was simply brilliant! The drums were on and Lu played the guitar with a god damn battery powered, pocket sized fan! Easily one of the sickest things I have ever seen. Lydon was dressed in black and white with neon orange suspenders. He really nows how to entertain and get the audience going.

I was about five people away from the stage. I was that girl right next to the man who kept yelling to,"TURN UP THE VOLUME!" He almost hit me in the face due to his fist pumping action...multiple times. But, I must admit, I admired the sheer enthusiasm. But not only is the music tight, but reaches a deeper level. Hell, Religion was still ringing in my ears as I walked through the halls of my catholic high school this morning and Death Disco made me shed a tear. It was beautiful. And Rise really brought me back. In fact, it was the first piece of music I ever shared with my dad.

The top songs for me that night were Religion and One Drop, my dad's was Chant. He liked the energy of it. Thank you, John. For everything. You and PiL have had a positive effect on me, and your music and wisdom has gotten me through some tough trials. Which I'm sure it will continue to do so in the future. I hope to one day meet you to tell you this in person. May the road rise.

Taylor M


Great show....saw PiL in '80,'82 and '84 and again in 2012...and each time I was blown away...couple of things made this show stand out... 1. The band was indeed tight. Incredible... 2. Lets face it...John has incredible stage presence. I love his quick he would do good at a comedy improv. 3. I attended the show with my 21 year old daughter... And she too loved it! 4. Really like the new much so I purchased the new CD. Looking forward to more shows...

Theresa Roberts


Great show last night. John's voice sounded incredible. He is one of the greatest artists alive today. The crowd on the other hand was pretty lame. Lots of snoozing bums and cranky old wives.

David Millard


John and the band were awesome- crowd was indeed too mellow, like detached onlookers

Cliff Frescura


I know they were mellow. But they are so in awe of Pil... they are rendered speechless. Also LA is stoned...

Taquila Mockingbird


Me and my wife were dancing..the crowd was being hammered..and in awe..but we were dancing in the back by the bar!

Arturo Robles


I was singing and bopping all night, 15 feet from the stage.

Scott Kornfehl


Rise live in LA (posted by fan)


Reno, NV, Knitting Factory, USA, October 26th 2012

I've only been a fan since PIL started touring again in the US in early 2010, and after seeing the entire live broadcast in Reno, I was really impressed how awesome the new songs sound live and also how much the band has become tighter and even better sounding. Lu has let his freak flag fly on the guitar/whatever else he plays and it shows that he is a true original doing great things in a great band. Scott has now been in PIL longer than Wobble but shows he can do a number of styles and bring something to the table. Bruce has been as steady as ever but I've noticed he's been bringing more and more flourish here and there from the last 3 years. And John still maintains enthusiasm, vocal creativity, and fire in his performance. If anyone misses a PIL show when it is in there area, they are missing out on one of the best bands out there today. I'm stuck in Montana but I will eventually make my way to PIL show someday. They are a true inspiration and pleasure to listen to and watch.

Carlton Harris


San Francisco, CA, Regency Ballroom, USA, October 25th 2012

Bags / Chant - Live in San Francisco (posted by fan)


Minneapolis, MN, Mill City Nights, USA, October 22nd 2012

Last night was the 4th I've seen PiL, but the first since 1984. I'm happy to say that John and the boys didn't disappoint, even though the crowd at Mill City Nights was a bit listless at times. The atmosphere was a far cry from the mania of my first PiL gig at Roseland in NYC in 1982, but as John stated the band has definitely 'matured like fine wine'. The musicianship was outstanding, adding new life to classics like Albatross and Flowers of Romance. John was at his showman best when he brought the energy level back into the room starting with Death Disco, demonstrating why he is one of the greatest live performers of his generation. A thoroughly enjoyable time was had by all, and I highly recommend getting out to see the boys if they are anywhere near your town.


Tim C


Chicago, IL, House of Blues, USA, October 21st 2012

"Unity in diversity" states the House of Blues sign above the stage and the PiL crowd tonite in Chicago proved the point. Different strokes by different folks. All united under the flag of PiL. Some crazy dancing in Chicago tonite. Fun I think its called. Well done. Good to see the ladies out in force too. Proper Lollipops all round.

The band are in great form. The songs sound different from the last time I saw them. Always growing arms and legs. Over 2 hours of the most diverse music you are likely to hear. John is a beacon. The new material is awesome. Classics like Disappointed and Warrior slot in with new songs like Deeper Water and Reggie Song. All the songs work. It's a set. They all interlink. This is PiL.

If you get the chance to see this tour DO NOT HESITATE. Not playing your area? Give yourself a city vacation. How often do PiL play the States? Do yourself a favor. There's only a few shows left. I travelled a long way for this show. I'd recommend you do also. You won't regret it.

Balance? The closest to a low point was when the curtains opened to reveal a solitary aging bass roadie and not the band. But thankfully it was soon curtains for him and the band took the stage. Too many songs to single out. But i will, special mention to the bass hymn on Religion and to John's robot vocal on Chant and the epic 'Out of the Woods". Here we are!

Ed Boca


Chicago was my sixth PiL experience since 2010, and it topped the lot! Last week’s Hammerstein gig in NYC was monumental; last night’s at House of Blues was completely electrified. The crowd was unusually energetic and full of genuine characters for Chicago (usually it’s a bunch of stoic-faced guys standing still with their arms folded across their chests), and the band clearly fed off the energy. I’m consistently amazed at how they reinvent the tunes each time they play them in terms of mood, feel, tone, and texture.

Every PiL experience is a unique experience, and always uniquely PiL. Every year I see 10-12 shows, most of which are excellent and inspiring. But last night’s show confirmed for me that there are these other great bands I regularly see……….and then there’s PiL, standing in a class of their own. Long may Mr. Lydon wail! If I could have one request: more new songs next time out! This Is PiL is a stunning record, and every one of the new tracks was brilliant live. Bring ’em on!

R. Squibbs


We had been wandering around downtown Chicago with for several hours. We had no destination in mind, we were just... wandering. Eventually we passed the House of Blues. We walked in, got front and center spots directly on the rail, and listened to PiL for over two hours, Johnny Rotten hollering four feet away. Good ol' Johnny. I always love watching him do those hip hop Frankenstein dance moves of his. The old songs still sound intense, and the new songs fit right in - it sounds like PiL all right! The aging punkers and various other sorts of folks in the audience were quite a friendly bunch. Two different strangers bought me beer, and I love them. It was a heck of a lot of fun, and a great surprise. As far as a setlist, I don't remember the order, but they played Religion, Albatross, Rise, Death Disco, This Is Not A Love Song, Warrior, Disappointed, Chant, and a several new songs.



Detroit, MI, iLounge at Clutch Cargo’s, USA, October 19th 2012

Great show, sound & the substitute venue was perfect! Epic Albatross the went on forever - I could have listened to that all night long. Well done boys - Detroit loves you!



You guys were truly amazing! Thanks for playing at such a little hole in the wall place! Red lights and all!!! Ive been a fan for 22 yrs and have successfully passed the torch to my three boys(2 of which were there!! 11 and 13) Many thanks to Lu(Jesus)Edmonds and Bruce Smith for braving the rain and cold to sign autographs!! John...maybe someday...but for now I can "almost" die happy being a few feet away from you in the front row!!!! Thanks again boys...

Sarah Sherburne Hawes


Thank you John, Lu, Bruce, Scott (and Rambo) for coming to our little corner of the world. The energy level throughout the two-hour-plus set never wavered and was simply amazing. There isn’t and never has been a more charismatic and completely memorizing frontman than John Lydon in the history of music and never has John been more on his game. Extended versions of PIL classics (Albatross, Death Disco, Religion/Chant, and This is Not a Love Song—the latter due in part to the lighting operator who could not understand John’s simple request to “turn off that fucking red light. Now!”) were well received by the enthusiastic crowd. Being the best doesn’t always provide the biggest crowd and the number one album, but PIL are simply among the best in the business. For all those that missed out, make sure you don’t miss the next one (PIL, please come back to Detroit; we love you!). If you’re out west and don’t already have tickets, buy them now . . . you will not sorry if you don’t. As John said at the end of the show “We do this because we love it!” Sir, we applaud you. Please, never give up!

Jon Wilson


I can't say I knew too much about the band going to the show so I went with open ears. About halfway through I realized I was REALLY enjoying myself.

I was suprised when I learned a bit more of the history of the band. Your music stands the test of time. You have gained a new fan.

Andrew Mantha


Toronto, ON, The Opera House, Canada, October 18th 2012

Absolutely incredible show in Toronto last night! Please come back soon! Can't stop singing Reggie Song!

King Cobb


Here is a review that covers every PiL gig I have attended since 1983 and explains why I still turn out to see them today :- "Eternally life affirming"



When you did Disappointed you made me a very happy woman - no small feat.



Last thursday was just brilliant! i have been lucky enough to catch PiL the last 2 times in Toronto and you do not disappoint. it was just fantastic!! each time you have played, i think you are honestly trying to melt us! please come back soon!!! thanks for a great show!!



Once again PiL played a great show in Toronto. I saw you gents on the last tour and was blown away then by the sonic kaleidoscope but now you sound so fluid and tight after all your touring and recording there was no choice but for you to just keep getting better and better! My only regret was not to hang around after and congratulate you guys in person... Love the new tunes! Long live the PiL juggernaut..... P.s. my girlfriend bought me a ticket for my birthday, she's so fucking cool.....

Justin Snikkar


PiL live in Toronto © Villiam Hrubovcak / PiL Official Ltd 2012

PiL live in Toronto © Villiam Hrubovcak / PiL Official Ltd 2012


Montreal, QC, The Corona, Canada, October 16th 2012

This is a report from lollipop mob from montreal, John came on stage with a clear statement :" This is my stage" everyone there kwew their part of the deal and Rambo was standing there watching looking for any space invader. The show start on Time, the Bass technicians was an Old member of the Buzzcocks and the crowd was ready for This is not a Love Song. John had his Habs logo on his Pants and he was asking Us how much we love Toronto! Overall this was a great show for many reason. The main reason was : John was having fun on stage he look happy, joking with the other member of the band and also call Lu Emond Jesus. 2010 was an upliffting for John......2012 was an upliffting for me. thank your for publishing



Boston, MA, Royale Boston, USA, October 15th 2012

I just want to say the show at the Boston Royale was exceptional, I watched from the barrier with my wife who has only heard a couple of tracks from the new cd and she loved the show, thought John was a great entertainer. Thank you John and what a great line up of musicians. Hope to see you again in the near future.

A. Claydon


This is Not a Love Song live in Boston (posted by fan)


New York, Hammerstein Ballroom, USA, October 13th 2012

I felt like an opera singer without the excess weight and baggage. I loved this concert hall. Loved it. And the people were ok too! Thank you for coming. It has been a true PiL experience.

John Lydon, October 14th 2012


Hearing Albatross, Flowers, ...Woods, Rise, USLS1 and so many more played so tight and with so much emotion was life changing. John's angry and loud rendition of Religion was a huge highlight (or lowlight - xtra bass!). The band is phenomenal, everybody is playing flawlessly. If i could have heard Seattle, Body, Annalisa or My Armada, that woulda been even more...incredible night John.

Joe Gorelick


The Hammerstein Ballroom show was fantastic. I brought my 17 year old nephew to show him what a proper gig is supposed to be like, and he was blown away. He didn't know any of the songs, but had a great time nonetheless, and was amazed at the passion with which they were delivered. I now work in corporate America, but I try to retain my honesty and individualism holding you out as an example. Thanks for the old and the new (Deeper Water playing as I write this). May the road rise.



Johnny's vocal performance was off the charts SPECTACULAR ! Every guy in the band is a virtuoso. One of the greatest shows I have ever seen by any band and I have seen them all ! Keep up the FANTASTIC work and hope to see PIL again soon !

Jeff Jacobson


Last week was PIL week in NYC. Public Image Limited played two incredible shows here in the Big Apple, one on October 9th at the intimate Music Hall of Willamsburg and another on Saturday, October 13th at the cavernous Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan. Both shows were truly incredible, but for me the Saturday show was better because I got to watch from the front row, and I got to meet John himself.

John Lydon is one of the main reasons I became a musician, it was a real honor to meet him. Growing up in a rough working class city neighborhood, I was a shy kid who was beaten up and bullied, someone with no self esteem. When I was 14 I discovered John Lydon's amazing lyrics, and totally unique vocal style. His individualism, all of his work with PIL, his 1997 solo album, his autobiography, all these things helped me find my own voice and and the courage to do what I love, and live my life MY way.

Lydon's work made me realize that there was a big world beyond the dreary, drug and gang infested inner city sum that I grew up in, and PIL inspired me to to work hard, put myself thru college, and come to New York City, where I am now a working musician, writing, recording, producing and releasing my own weird punky Electro disco records and playing shows all over Brooklyn and the Lower East Side. I owe Lydon and PIL a lot for how they inspired me.

So course I was elated when This Is PIL came out..I never thought, 4 or 5 years ago, that PIL would ever tour again, much less release a new record. I bought This Is PIL when it came out and I love the record, its up there with Metal Box, Flowers, This Is What You Want 9, and Album for me. So of course when I saw that John Lydon would be doing a record signing at JR Music in Manhattan on the day of the Hammerstein show, I knew I had to go. I brought with me a copy of This Is PIL, and Lydon's album Psycho's Path, which is weirdly excellent. I bought it when it came out in 1997, never dreamed I would get to have the man sign it. I also wrote Lydon a short letter detailing how his music has sort of soundtracked my life on the back of an MTA poster. Hopefully he appreciated the local Brooklyn flavor!

I got to JR, there were about 100 people in line. During the wait, I had some great conversations with fellow PIL fans young and old. Finally, I get to John...

He looks me dead in the eye and says: "We love your hair, we appreciate the effort!" I've had the same sticky up hairstyle since I was 14, so this was fun funny to hear!

So they say never meet your heroes....unless they are John Lydon that is.

Lydon was sweet, funny, humble, and very charming. He gave everyone in line the time of day. I got to have a nice, friendly chat with him for 3 or 4 minutes, and I told him my story of how PIL inspired me to work my out out of the working class slum I grew up in to NYC, and he said "I am honored to have been a part of that, mate, but you did that YOURSELF, and you did it for YOURSELF." And he gave me a nod..really inspiring words. After the signing, John and Rambo hung out with the few of us that were left for a few minutes, making small talk. It was pretty awesome to get a few minutes to hang out with a living music legend.

After spending the afternoon wondering around Chinatown and Soho, I went uptown to the Hammerstein Ballroom, which is an enormous ballroom on 34th Street. I got in the front row against the rail, right in front of Lydon's microphone stand, and at 8:30 PIL came out.

Lydon was dressed in kahki chinos, white dress shirt, neck tie, and blue suit jacket. My first thought was that he looked like an American politician. This must have been intentional, because he said, "It is election season. I am appropriately dressed." Then PIL launched into This Is Not a Love Song, followed by the excellent Deeper Water and a heavy, brilliant take on Albatross, during which Lydon contorted his body to resemble some kind of dying bird (an albatross I assume). Brilliant!

I also have to say that the NYC Public Image shows in Brooklyn and at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan were nothing short of brilliant. I have never seen anyone perform like John Lydon....watching John perform was akin to seeing a brilliant Shakespearean actor. Mesmerizing. Lu, Scott, and Bruce were all brilliant as well. They locked in the groove and fucking jammed while Lydon sang and emoted...Lydons voice was like a Jazz trumpet player, bebopping, sometimes not even singing words, just noises and vocal melodies supporting by a killer PIL. Highlights for me were One Drop, Albatross, Flowers of Romance, Reggie Song, Out of the Woods, Warrior, Dissappointed, Rise, and Open Up. Amazing performances.

One draw back was that the hall was so big, sometimes the audience energy seemed to just evaporate in the air. Lydon seemed to notice this, but still performed intensely and gave it his all. I know that Hammerstein is like an aircraft hanger, but, trust me, the audience were totally rocking out and into the show. A lot of people were just mesmerized by Lydon's incredible performance that night.

After the show I went round back and chatted with some really awesome fellow PIL fans (all of whom were under the age of 25, with one exception). One of the fans was a 13 year old boy who been introduced to PIL by his older sister and had come down from the Bronx!

After about an hour, John and Rambo came out. John gave all of us a big bear hug and hung out chatting with everyone for a few minutes. he seemed touched by the letter the 13 year old boy had made for him, and, again, he was sweet as pie to all o us. Rambo was really cool as well, just a stand up guy. I've literally been waiting years for a chance to see PIL and meet John Lydon...finally in NYC it all came to be. Look forward to the next PIL show..go and see them! Buy the new PIL record. May the Road Rise!

Zachery Allan Starkey

Zachery Allan Starkey


No Shit - Ageless Teenagers at the Hammerstein - 13 Nov 2012. My fourth gig to see "The best PiL ever" - I couldn't resist making a detour on a business trip last weekend to catch you guys at The Hammerstein NYC. As I crossed the road into the Manhattan Centre from the Long Island Rail-Road from JFK, I picked-up my ticket and stepped down onto the dance floor just in time to see the band open with the opening bars of Deeper Water. Timing is everything.

Great venue in terms of space and acoustics, and despite being maybe only half to two-thirds full, arriving late I didn't get within 15 bodies of the stage. So - a different perspective from my usual vantage point pressed-up against the barrier. A bit more space to move around to those tight mesmeric rhythms. The usual recent set except for the extra USLS1 slipped in there before Reggie Song.

Flawless as usual recently, with John having to set a few my-space, your-space ground rules to security and audience alike. Reading the other reviews there is an obvious common thread. Sure these are great musicians with great material, but the deal is mutual respect earned through hard work and no bull. An expensive night out the way I did it, but worth every penny. Hard work and respect are ageless. Great stuff John, Lu, Scott, Bruce and John. Keep it up.

Lollipop Ian



Rise live at Hammerstein Ballroom (posted by fan)


J&R In-store signing session, October 13th 2012

I have decided that the PiL gig at Hammerstein Ballroom itself needs no review. The band was amazing and I was in awe of John the entire show. His voice is flawless and he is one of the last true performers in music. That being said, I had to share my experience of meeting John at the signing earlier in the day.

I got an email on Thursday night that John was going to be doing an in-store in Manhattan on Saturday at this store called J&R. I sat there reading it over and over again, making sure I read it right. On Saturday morning we got to the city about 10:30 but the signing wasn't till 12:30. There was nobody waiting in line so we tried to kill some time and went back to J&R about 11:15. There were about 5-6 people there at this point.

They let people in to the room where the signing was going to be about noon. After waiting for what seemed like hours, I was at the head of the line and finally it was my turn. I totally lost it. I got up to him and I was crying and shaking. He looked at me with genuine concern, took my hands into his hands and said, "What's the matter, dear? Do you need Prozac?" I said, "I'm so sorry John. I've been a fan for 17 years and I never thought I'd ever get the chance to meet you. Your music has meant so much to me." I remember repeating those things over and over again because I was just so overwhelmed with emotions. John's music in all his various eras has been one of the biggest parts of my life since I was a teenager.

I apologized AGAIN for crying and he touched his chest and said, "No, don't apologize. It really warms my heart." So then I decided to try and croak out what I really wanted to tell him. I said, "My ex-fiance and I met on a PiL message board years and years ago (he laughed). We didn't stay together but we stayed friends and PiL was always a common bond that we had. Steve killed himself 2 years ago…." and John looked very upset, but he joked, "What, he didn't want to wait for the new album?" We laughed and I said, "I really wish I could tell him that I met you." He looked at me and pointed up to the sky and said, "He knows. He knows."

At this point he was starting to sign my items. I had brought along my well-worn copy of his autobiography and also my original Japanese version of his solo album "Psycho's Path." He was really impressed with the CD book from "Psycho's Path" that I had brought. He said how rare it was and I told him it was my favorite thing that he's done. I sensed I should be finishing up even though I wanted to stay and talk to him for hours, so I asked him if I could get a photo. He said, "Of course!" and so I jumped up on to the riser and got my picture. I also asked him if I could have a hug which he agreed to (he gives good, solid hugs). And then I decided I wanted another hug so I just grabbed him by surprise. He didn't seem to mind and was laughing.

I thanked him again and moved along so everyone else could have their turn with him. But, after 17 years of waiting, John was more wonderful then I ever could have hoped he'd be. He's a caring, loving, REAL person who is nothing like the media persona he seems to always have. Big bad Johnny Rotten is not this evil bastard, he's a big teddy bear who gives respect as long as he gets it. Absolutely worth waiting for and one of the best moments of my life. :) Thank you, John!


J&R In-store signing session, October 13th 2012


Clifton Park, Upstate Concert Hall, USA, October 12th 2012

FANTASTIC Show. A musical treat. Rock and roll at its finest! A honor to be a part of it.

Jen Potter


Death Disco live at Upstate Concert Hall (posted by fan)


rooklyn, Music Hall of Williamsburg, USA, October 9th 2012

Brooklyn show was a KILLER. Though John joked about sounding rusty, it took one and a half songs max for him to sound fully warmed up and we were off. Absolutely brilliant, great energy, great humour, incredible sound. John, on form and impassioned. Lu, nailing songs old and newer (praise be!), Scott, hail satan bringing the bass de profundis, Bruce, machine gunning the whole place. The re-imagining of Flowers of Romance alone is worth the price of admission, let alone the rest. Huge propas to Walter on the monitor for the warmest, richest, most perfect sound I've heard in a long time at any show. End gushmission.

JC A Blackchurch


This is by far one of the most brilliant, prolific and extremely underrated acts (luckily for me so I don't have to share them with too many morons) of all time. What this man did with his opportunity for fame and notoriety should be celebrated all over the world in every country and taught to children in schools. Where so many might just be happy to have the limelight for a moment and play the buffoon, John Lydon so carefully researched and mapped out where he wanted to go musically, that somehow the result of his early endeavor to destroy rock and roll has magically produced one of the most original, honest and brilliant bands of all time. When you see them live the music is so intense that I always end up feeling like I'm on some type of crazy journey that involves a great deal of swimming, submerging and resurf acing, lol - no I'm not on drugs but I know how good you're supposed to feel and I certainly feel that way when I hear PiL's music live. They create these canvases filled with layers of sound but wrapped in a monotonous sick reggae or house influenced bassline - I apologize if I sound insane but this music speaks to me like no other. And when I finally tell myself to stop dancing and take a minute to listen to lyrics of songs I don't know, I'm always blown away by how much Lydon gives to you emotionally. The man is so honest and more importantly informative about what he chooses to write about - I never feel like my personal space is invaded by someone's idiotic preachy ego, this man treats me with respect, what I do with the information given is my own business. That being said, how anyone tolerates the morons in Sex Pistols T-shirts screaming, "...JOHNNNAYYYYYYY!!! JOHNNNAAAYYY ROTTENNNN!!" throughout the night is beyond me. Does anyone really listen to anything this man says ever? I mean REALLY. You're ALMOST SIXTY YEARS OLD do you STILL need to wear your Ramones leather jacket and "Punk Rock uniform" with 'Social Distortion' jacket so everyone knows how 'cool' and integral to the New York punk scene you are? Please spare us. Nobody fucking cares about you. Except me and I'm just annoyed that after all these years you idiots are still MISSING THE POINT. I hate punks. The punks ruined punk if you ask me. It's so funny these days because they look so authentic but then I realized they bought their punk outfit off a mannequin at the shopping mall. Not the point. I'm always annoyed by concert goers or bullshit hipsters anyway. I don't understand how every single person on earth besides myself and my wife will only respond or dance or enjoy songs that they know. This whole stupid generation of kids is filled with the "if I don't know the song I can't dance to it" ideology which is terribly sad. Personally I wouldn't go to a show of an artist who I only liked one fucking song they did. Someone dragged me to a Yes concert once " prove their brilliance" to me once and for all, ha ha - even bought me a ticket - I thought I was going to kill myself it was so awful, and all I did was ruin the time of their real fans because I was miserable and kept laughing at all the men in tights around me with knee hi boots with leather fringe hanging from the side. I mean at any moment I expected fucking Unicorns to come galloping through Radio City. I learned a valuable lesson that night, so d o me a favor next time. If I'm going to have to be distracted by your cell phone light out of the corner of my eye all night while you sulk and wait for John 'Rotten' to play the 'Public Image theme' or 'Seattle' while the band is playing their hearts out for you do me a favor just stay home next time. I don't need you invading my concert moment. Save it for when you go see Coldplay or some other group that SUCKS ASS. Favorite moment: The entire show Opening act(s): NONE, thank goodness

Uri Dalal


Washington, DC, 9:30 Club, USA, October 8th 2012

Washington DC did not let PiL down this evening. An extremely varied audience, we were very impressed with the diversity and they were very impressed with our diversity. A good evening was had by all. Excellent. PiL are on the rise. May we ascend into heaven where we belong.

John Lydon, October 8th 2012


Your voice was strong and excellent - your energy was INCREDIBLE! One of the best f*ckin' PiL shows I think I've ever seen - and I've seen many! Also, this is probably one of the best group of musicians you have ever played with! LOVED THE SHOW! THANKS JOHNNY!!!!

Donna Dallas


Was at gig last night, DC, thankyou for the music to the whole band, you were all fantastic, great musicians, amazing and interesting instruments, set list was a great mixture new and old 100% effort from pil, u guys look like u are enjoying it and it shows missed lollipop opera tho! bought the vinyl as a souvenir the whole night pumped and rocked.

Paul Geoffrey Childs


Ybor City, FL, Orpheum, USA, October 6th 2012

Tampa turned out and put on a damn fine show of loyalty and hero worship for a most excellent performance by the ever improving Public Image Limited. It was a splendid brilliant gig. I loved the audience in Tampa. Florida is turning out to be a proper place. The South will Rise again. Lets see how the rest of America compares. They’ve got their work cut for them. PiL.

John Lydon, October 6th 2012


Amazing set last night in Ybor City! John sounded great & was clearly enjoying himself. The band played with the precision of well toured machine, and this being just the second date of the tour. Personal highlights: One Drop, This Is Not A Love Song & The Flowers of Romance. John & the band were very gracious after the show & took time to sign records & take photos with (what seemed like) half the audience, ha.


Ybor City, FL, Orpheum, USA, October 6th 2012Ybor City, FL, Orpheum, USA, October 6th 2012


PiL a great dance band and babe magnet? The answer is still yes! The front of the stage at the Orpheum was pressed close with men and women dancing, swaying and having a great time. Do not miss this show, America--and bring your dancing shoes!

Kristinn Taylor


Wow, of the hundreds and hundreds of shows I've seen in my life, I never saw PiL or the Pistols (even though I've been listening since 78.) The first record and Second Edition were a big part of soundtrack from my high school days. A last minute decision to go to the Orpheum in Ybor. The band sounded great, Johnny's voice better than ever and the set list was perfect. The Bag/Chant one-two blew me away. The new songs fit great. How is it possible I never even had the opportunity to see them before? Crazy. Color me very impressed, and while a bucket list item has been checked, I will never miss the chance to see them again if they are near.



I missed you in Orlando. No matter, I bought an Ybor ticket, got someone to work my shift, and rode my motorbike in the rain to Tampax. I had a legal buzz and spot right close up to the stage.

Bam! This is Not a Love Song sonic boom style explosion slapped a big stupid happy grin across my face that didn't fade for two hours. Every song was loud and tight and fucking brilliant. Lyrics, melody, bass and beat. All real and all good. I soon gave up that spot though to a little dude standing behind me who was maybe 19. It was obvious that show was as awesome for him as it was for me, so I moved so he could get right up there in your business. I literally can't tell you how good a time I had. I can only think of worn out words like awesome and brilliant. It's been nearly a week since the show and This is PiL is in my head everyday.

Mr. Lydon, I've been a fan of your music since I was an angry, scrawny teenage asshole living at my parent's house in 1980's Salt Lake City, Utah. I literally wore out my copy of Cassette and I still have the replacement Compact Disc I bought when it came out along with 9, That What Is Not, TGHSF, eh you get the picture.

I'm not a writer, obviously, but I just wanted you to know that the show was awesome and you lot are all some real people with some damn good music that is loved and appreciated. This ain't hero worship, man, it's admiration. And yeah, maybe if you did take off your shirt we would have all died, but we would have all died happy. Don't be a stranger.



Miami, FL, Grand Central, USA, October 5th 2012

From Miami Vice to Miami nice. From Don Johnston, to Johnny Rotten's Johnston I have been in Miami. Been, saw, conquered. Love the people, they love us. Yippee. Another PiL success. Yeeha. Tampax next. Thank you all for coming.

John Lydon, October 5th 2012


One Drop live in Miami (posted by fan)


Split Festival, Sunderland, UK, September 22nd 2012

Thought I'd drop a line following Saturday nights gig at Sunderland. This was the 3rd time this year I've been fortunate enough to see them following Newcastle and then the following night in Manchester back in August.

The guys looked as though they really enjoyed it on Saturday, I've never seen Bruce sand up to play parts of the gig... With a big grin on his face. As previously the set line up was a mix of a few new ones and some of the classics... Oh how I miss Memories and Annalise... Has to be said, the highlights for me are Black a bags into Chant. I just love the raw power of Chant.

Can't wait for he 2013 concerts, they are an absolute pleasure, still get me inspired as all great music should.bThanks boys, a real pleasure every time..

Phil Beaumont


Summer Sundae, Leicester, UK, August 19th 2012

just to thank once again pil for a great show at leicester on sunday ....thanks boys. the highlight at leicester was john asking me if i had the tatoo done on my leg just before "warrior" ...and then called me a silly boy thanks john all in the name of p.i.l , once again the band really are amazing tight as ever albertros/death disco/religion/warrior/open up /chant /one drop/ deeper water to jnam,e a few were amazing ....please please tour again next year in the uk getting better with age john keep it up !!!!!!

gary ross


Brighton, Concorde 2, UK, August 16th 2012

Special message from John and John. We love the Lollipops, but we need a bit of space after the shows. The last 2 shows we have came off stage and been soaking wet and we need to get on the bus as quickly as we can. We thank you for your continued support, we couldn't do it without you. But we hope you understand we need our space. Please don't be too demanding and taking the fun away from it. We love seeing everyone, but it can't always be done. Peace. That's what friends are for. Thank you for the great support you have given us this year. May long it continue.

Thank you John & John


Brighton, Concorde 2, UK, August 15&16th 2012

It was a long journey for me to see P.I.L. after an abandonded gig in austria 1986 (i was in the first row, but I didn't throw the bottle), and a cancelled one in berlin 2010 as I lived there, I caught the chance to get a ticket for the 15th of august in brighton. It was like the end of a pilgrimage for me, to close a circle or a little bit of coming home when I stood then in front of the stage at the concorde.

John was very surprised about the really small venue, but this was really good for the pure, raw energy of P.I.L.'s music. The set was a good mix of old and new stuff, I never expect "This is not a love song" as an opener. The first song shows the audience where the journey goes. We were riding on a wave of bass in front of the sea through the night. Favourite tune was for me the mesmerizing "religion" following by the endless "albatros" and the powerful version of "rise" .

It was loud, it was hard, the sound pushes forward, don't look back, don't stand still - we are on the road - we fight, we will never surrender, we are the
lollipop mob - this is our culture!



Helloooooo! The Brighton Gig On the 15/08/12 At The Concorde2, This Gig was One Of The Best That I Have Seen This Year. The Energy The Band Dished Out Was Electric, And Jon’s Communication With The Fans Was Brilliant. Come Back To Brighton Soon, Your Gigs Will Be Sold Out Again “ CHEERS “


Brighton, Concorde 2, UK, August 15&16th 2012


Deeper Water -Live at Brighton (posted by fan)


Bristol, O2 Academy, UK, August 13th 2012

Bristol Bass’d by Mr Lydon and the Guys. Bristol O2 was treated to a unique blend of "proper music for proper people" yesterday evening when PIL took to the West Country Stage. The set demonstrated yet again that PIL do not stand on ceremony, nor do they stand statically in the chronology of what’s good about British music. PIL performed a mixture of classic tracks, interspersed with renditions from their well received latest pressing ‘This is PIL’. Declaring Bristol “a PIL zone” and by acknowledging the presence of a “new lot following us round – The Lollypops” John Lydon cemented the bands place at the forefront of British music. The performance was an assault on the senses, so much a trademark of the bands continuing eclectic remit. Old mixed with new in a seamless 2 hour + set, broadcasting the bands manifesto for the next decade. In years to come I will be able to say “I was there!” and this time I’m keeping the ticket stub!

Bob Clarke


A night at the opera?(Lydon style)
From the opening bars of love song to the pounding of open up this was a night to remember,pil were on fire,2 hours of sheer joy,if you have not seen the band since 2009 then you dont know what you are missing,in a world full of platic corporate popstars thank god for john,lou,scott and bruce a complete tour de force......

tony goode (Lollipop Comp Winner)


I've lost count of the times I've seen John perform either with The Sex Pistols or P.I.L, and once more I was not disappointed. His voice just seems to get stronger nowadays, and his unique style is a joy to behold. He never fails to deliver a mesmerising performance. My personal favourites during the gig were: "Albatross" which could drift on for hours, and I would'nt mind...
"Chant" is like a brick through a window, in its delivery... "Religion" for its verbal venom and the intensity of the wall of bass sounds..... "Open Up" for its joyful sonic release.........

John Lydon vocally may be an aquired taste, but the passion he puts into the performance is hard to beat. He may not be everybody's cup of tea, but he sure does own the stage. To top the night off I got a 'Big Embrace' from John Lydon after the gig...........Rotten? Not on this occasion!
A true individual. Thank you P.I.L for a great evening.

Kevin 'George' ( No 1 Gold ticket holder and proud)


Last nights gig ! AWESOME. No other band puts a shift in like p.i.l, worth every hard earned penny. My first ever gig I attended was p.i.l Bristol jan 86 at 15 years old, second gig p.i.l 87 gold diggers Chippenham ,right up front minding lydons marlbro's . 26 years since that first gig and no other band I have seen since can get near them. Long may p.i.l continue, a bit like john's shirt which I swear he had on back in 86 up on stage at the Bristol hippodrome .

Neil Garland


bristol PIL gig , John Lydon is a true performing and singing Icon of Britain,if other artists put in much as energy into their singing and stage performances as John Lydon as PIL did the airwaves would be alive with proper meaningful music instead of the crap we are subjected to . thanks John and band ,can't wait to see you next time.



Hertfordshire, Forum, Hatfield University, UK August 12th 2012

Saw the gig at hatfield last night and it was one of the best gigs i have been to in recent years,the sound was brilliant and the bass on Religion was mind blowing. I have been a fan for years but have never seen P.I.L live before now,but now i cant wait to see them again,i liked the venue at Hatfield ,very close and tight ,very impressed with John and the gang,

Gary Prior


3rd time I've seen PiL in their latest incarnation - and fantastic they still are too! Interesting venue, the Hatfield Forum, a newish out-of-town student campus during the summer break. The hall itself was soulless & functional, very 80s in design with lots of neon, but there was plenty of space and aircon. Not quite a sell-out crowd but just about enough to fill the floor - particularly given the number of pot bellies inside the venue! PiL came on at about 8.45pm & launched straight into Love Song (not one of my faves but it was OK tonight) and followed up with a storming Deeper Water from the new LP. A sublime Albatross followed, resplendent with its bass groove - the fantastic bass was a key feature of the whole evening for me. Really loved Warrior tonight, an extended version like many of the songs. Death Disco is my favourite PiL tune and it went to 8 mins tonight, but didn't quite hit the money for me, the only time the bass seemed muddy in the mix. But Religion more than made up for it - 15 mins of sheer intensity, the bass once again leading the charge and turned up to chest-thumping volume halfway through - thoroughly and brilliantly hypnotic!

The encore started with Out In The Woods, a great track live followed by a well-received Rise and finished with (for me) a slightly disappointing Open Up, as the vocals were lost in the mix too many times. As usual, John was in fine form both vocally and with his banter - most notably ripping a student-type heckler to shreds with customary caustic wit, including 'You can boo if you want, but remember, I've already got your money!' The band however are just getting better & better. It's no longer the John Lydon show as many previous PiL line-ups have been. Here we have a complete force for the first time since Metal Box that adds up to considerably more than the sum of its constituent parts. So, overall a great night with many highlights, the new tracks fitting really well into the PiL live experience. Always worth seeing!



Last night we saw PiL at Hatfield Uni - one of the best gigs I've ever been to and probably the best live sound mix I've ever heard (and I say that as an audio pro).

J.D Evans


Lack of Internet – late review. I must say the feelings have not reduced in the least as the gig in Herts Uni -- PIL was absolutely brilliant – the performance cannot be faulted. John has a special way of connecting to fans – conveying emotion like few people can. However, the band works in harmony to give us all that, such a memorable experience.. Other reviews will have already commented on the venue and more technical elements of the sound... but I would like to mention --- how much soul this wonderful live mix of sounds can leave you for days with a real reminder of how alive you can be – feel. I am surprised at how many people still have not heard of PIL – why? Not expecting answers just wish to thank you all for honouring UK fans in small venues – I hope to see you again soon.



I saw PiL for the first time at London forum 11th August. I was totally blown away.The 2 hour set went like a rocket! The bass during Religion,making my teeth vibrate!! After the final song,I had the following night to look forward to. Hatfield forum..Great little venue, Perfect size. I got right down the front next to a speaker....Unbelievable!! The Drums! Guitars! Bass and Johns voice are incredible. Never mind Anger is an FULL of ENERGY!!

I`d like to thank PiL, Rambo and PiL Official Team very much for putting me on the guest list for the London gig. Good to meet you at the end of the Hatfield gig Rambo, as with Scott...the drinks are on me next time!

Thanks for the best weekend of gigs...EVER!....Now i`m off to get my second PiL tattoo!!



London, HMV Forum, UK, August 11th 2012

This is the first time I have ever seen PiL live ... and now I'm grinning like a kid who's just inherited a sherbert dib-dab factory ... because even though I now know what I've been missing, I know that PiL are even better live than I dared to dream they would or ever could be. Apart from John and the band pulling us into a zone inaccessible via the mere portal of recorded music, what I also thought was utterly brilliant was the diversity of the audience. I love the fact that all ages, colours and species were united by a common bond ... our love for the original mentor of free-doing.

What a lucky bunch of lolly's we were ... treated to many gems from Metal Box ... but the tracks from This Is PiL were just astonishingly mind blowing ... it was like hearing them completely new again supercharged by being performed live ... all the songs take on completely new life when they're performed live ... oh what a silly sausage I was for never going to a PiL gig before tonight ... but what a lucky lollipop I am for having ventured out at long last. I took a few snaps ... I smile at these photographs because I was having such a good time I didn't want to faff around trying to take a perfect picture ... and because of that I ended up with a slightly blurred photo which probably wouldn't make it into a gallery ... but I love this one because it is a good visual representation of where PiL take us ... its not all well defined and crystal clear, the colours bleed into each other and go swishywishy ... and I love it ... its a Happy place ... thank you John.

I went with a friend from work, Dave Hearn. I've worked with Dave for almost seven years. He reminds me of Marvin the Paranoid Android ... he keeps me entertained by his half-empty life perspective on the proverbial beer glass. Tonight, at PiL, Dave was grinning the whole night ... how funny ... so was I. On the way home we were talking about the floor of the forum being sticky (its been so long since I went to a gig, I'd forgotten that floors are sticky) ... and we think this is an important criteria for a PiL zone ... so I think to extend my stay in the wonderful world of PiL, I shall smear my kitchen lino with marmalade and extend my stay in PiL-land.

Kevin Richardson


Another great night.i have been to all the London gigs since 2009 and this was just stuff just stands out as much as the old and the band remain as tight as ever.john should be as proud as punch at the output he is giving us.i was dancing most of the night and singing with religion being a particular highlight.maybe pil will be back just in time for some xmas London shows.THANK YOU .the new t shirts are cool as well.

David Rose


Took a mate and my brother in law to this one.Neither were big PiL fans before - they are now! I could go on for hours about how good the gig was but I'll keep it short: This band does not know how to play a bad gig! Now,COME TO BELFAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had a weekly show on for nearly 5 years now. I can safely say I have played tracks from 'This Is PiL' more than any other album in that time! Loving it!



Lokerse Feesten, Lokeren, Belgium, August 9th 2012

Hello, Returning hugs and kisses from John, with love I am writing this report on the gig at the Lokerse Feesten in Lokeren, Belgium. From May we had been looking forward to seeing Public Image Limited again, this being the sixth gig in 3 years. Yes, we always enjoy PIL whenever possible. London, Zottegem, Amsterdam, Brussels, and now Lokeren, and each time feeling that this was the best gig we have seen. After hearing the new album, it was great to hear the new songs live, in combination with the light show: "Here we are!" Such a strong voice, very impressive. Sometimes I looked around me, seeing all different people enjoying the music each in their own way. Some dancing, some dreaming and gazing in wonder. We danced and watched PIL. Standing before the stage, we could not see all members of the band, but this only makes one listen more. We want to hear only more of you, and thank you for the great new album and gigs!

Bep and Amrita

© Bep and Amrita


As this was our first PIL-concert, our expectations were high. It was a stunning experience, you blew us away. The mix of older songs "This is not a love song", "Rise" and new material like "Deeper Water" worked out wonderfully. The band was "en forme", what a mighty voice roared over the audience: bravo! The band's outstanding and we hope to see you again in Belgium in the near future.

Nabila & Christoph


After 600 kilometers of road towards Belgium, what have I seen this evening : a masterful band ! John always sings in so furious and raw a way, that shivers cross me. 'Anger is an energy' … and the energy is tangible all around us. The crowd delights in so many good bass. The rhythms are powerful and subtle at the same time. Beware, this PIL is extremely powerful ! John makes the stage tremble as ever. Lu is phenomenal, Bruce defuses the drum, while Scott pierces us of his basslines. The sound quality is high.

Beware, this PIL is extremely addicting ! We want it again, and again, and again … But the most beautiful thing, is this real and strong love between John and his fans ! We love you John! I hope to have shouted it loud to you. Quite as the other persons around me in the front row. I felt a lot of respect and brotherhood in the Lollipop mob. This is also PIL !

At the end of the gig, I felt violently happy… The setlist: Albatross / Deeper Water / (This Is Not A) Love Song / One Drop / Warrior / Death Disco a.k.a Swan Lake / Out Of The Woods / Bags a.k.a. Chant / Rise / Open Up. The good plan: go to see the stand of T-shirts. There are new goods, and the colors are beautiful. The seller is really very nice.

The wish: to see again the band in France. Thank you for all that you make, in the music, but also in the relation with your fans ! It's very professional and human at the same time. It's very rare to know how to combine both. I send you a lot of kisses and hugs from France !

Valérie Blot

Lokerse Feesten, Lokeren, Belgium, August 9th 2012 Lokerse Feesten, Lokeren, Belgium, August 9th 2012 Lokerse Feesten, Lokeren, Belgium, August 9th 2012Lokerse Feesten, Lokeren, Belgium, August 9th 2012


Manchester, HMV Ritz, UK, August 7th 2012

Hello " Public Image Ltd " I've just got back home to the string of beads ( LEEDS ) after witnessing 2 Blistering Gigs of PiL @ Newcastle & Manchester .The PiL family is so tight & so right, thats what makes em deliver the Goods on the night !!! This is PiL's 4th year on the road Touring, and if you've never seen any of these Super Gig's in the past 4 years, then you'd better Get of your ARSE !!!

The past 15 years or so, our music world as been so shit, even " TOP OF THE POPS " have said Fuck it ! We can't play any more of this SHIT & they closed for good !!! So here we are, near & far !! Lol, So Thanks to PiL been Re-born by our Friend Johnny in 2009, we have All been given a 2nd chance & i hope it's Not the last Dance to go a see Pil on Tour again, and for us all to have a Ball !! And we all like to have a Ball Don't we ???

The set list is Very Good, But i'm Not going to tell you em, cos that would spoil your night !! Also Pil have got some New Bright Tour Merchandise on sale @ the Gigs, and they even have PiL T-shirt's that fit Good Looking Fat Bloke's like me !!! Well that's all for now folk's, Cheers to All @ Public Image Ltd & i'll see you all @ Hatfield Gig on sunday.

King of the Lollipop Mob!!!


Hello, fellow LolliPILpoppers!! Well, PIL were fantastic & on top form throughout their whole 2hr performance at the Ritz on Whitworth St. in Manchester last night. The venue was full of fellow PILsters like myself, and if like me you've got the new album with the bonus DVD, you pretty much knew what to expect - fantastic reinterpretations of the old Wobble/Levene-period classics, right through to the latest material from the current album "This Is PIL".

Highlights for me included the 10+ minute work-outs through "Flowers Of Romance", "Albatross", and "Religion"; the current line-up is brilliant & I for one hope that the band remain solid for many years to come; certainly by last night's performance they'll continue to be as innovative & original as ever. All-in-all a classic performance by a truly original & unique band - I salute you, Public Image Ltd!

Mark Antrobus


It was the best gig i ever went to on tuesday at the HMV Ritz in Manchester. Many who had not seen PIL before were asking me about the band. PIL are truly the most special and friendliest band out and here is my picture with one of the greatest drummers around now Bruce Smith.

Jayson Lowery


Newcastle, O2 Academy, UK, August 6th 2012

At last, I finally “got” Public Image Ltd. Last night was the first time I’ve seen Lydon’s band for many years. Marie and I went to one of their first live performances at Manchester Belle Vue in 1979. At the time the difference between PIL and Lydon’s pervious band, The Sex Pistols, was just too great for me and many people in the audience. I couldn’t believe or understand the noise that they were making and actually wondered if they were serious, or whether it was some sort of huge joke. I saw them a couple of times after that at gigs at Newcastle City Hall, and although each time I enjoyed the experience, I still remained unconvinced. Until last night. I’d read reviews of recent PIL gigs, and they have all been very positive. Now I know why. The band were just great last night in Newcastle Academy. The place was packed full of oldish punky types, and everyone was ready and up for the occasion. The band came on stage around 8.45pm and opened with This is not a love song, which set the tone for the night. Loud, throbbing beats, Lydon’s impassioned vocals, and jangling, discordant guitars.

The band were so together and so very tight. Every song was epic, and Lydon snag his heart out. At one point he told us “I’m like a fine wine, I mature with age” and he wasn’t far wrong. His voice was amazing, and so strong. Last time I saw him was fronting the reformed Sex Pistols at Brixton Academy, and although that was a great gig, at times Lydon seemed to be treating it all as a bit of fun. Not last night, he was deadly serious as he spat out the vocals, leered at us, and told us “Friends and for forgiving, Politicians are for killing”. Very dark, very intense, very passionate and much much better than I imagined or could have hoped for. Some bands can reinvent themselves and come back even better.

Setlist: This is not a love song; Deeper water; Albatross; Reggie Song; Disappointed; Warrior; Flowers of romance; Lollipop Opera; Death Disco; Bags / Chant; Religion. Encore: Out of the Woods; One drop; Rise / Open Up



PIL, where outstanding last night in Newcastle. The presence John and the band was pure class. All songs performed where stand out , in particular , , Albertross,Relegion, Bags/Chant,Flowers of Romance, From the woods, superb. The sound quality, apart from very early technical hitch for John , which was immediately remedied. All this for £25.00 for a two hour set, of this Class, if you haven't yet bought a ticket do so.
This band is so Relevent, Cheers John , you Did Not disappoint.

Alan Christon


When I try to explain to people why PiL are so worth seeing, some cannot get their minds beyond "that punk Johnny Rotten" - some albatross. Whilst John may now be a national treasure, the English eccentric light relief on Question Time, what is beyond doubt is that John, Lu, Scott and Bruce are a top drawer band with top quality material, both lyrically / subject matter-wise and musically. Having seen this "best PiL ever" three times now I can also report that the live experience is second to none, and it's not just the music, it's the respect. John demands a little respect from his audience but it's repaid in spades - the band returns passion and genuine appreciation for an audience that turns out to see them.

The setlist on Monday at the O2 Academy in Newcastle had five numbers from the latest "This is PiL" album amongst the tried and tested mix of crowd-pleasers and personal favourites. (This is Not a Love Song, Deeper Water, Albatross, Reggie Song, Disappointed, Warrior, Flowers of Romance, Lollipop Opera, Death Disco, Bags / Chant and Religion, with Out of the Woods, One Drop, Rise and Open Up as the encores.) The order seems to vary from gig to gig, but the collection seems to have crystallised around the set first aired in April 2012 at Heaven. Out if the Woods and One Drop have the makings of future crowd favourites, Reggie Song fits the set like a glove, and Warrior, Religion and Open Up remain magnificent; the irresistible, pile-driven arrangements so tight. Can you resist dancing and singing along to these ? Find out for yourself. You'd be mad not to catch them live on this tour.

Lollipop Ian Glendinning


Eternal thanks to the band for making the writer (punk’s not dead, we’re just growing older!) a happy man! It says something when PIL can play a set, without their best known and revered Public Image song, and deliver it so impressively, with power and style to boot! Four musicians who know their stuff, they are still amongst the best around, the new album is testament to that, surely? Highlights for me personally, on stage, hearing Deeper Water and Out of the Woods live for the first time. Jackson could you know, coz he would, then the build up to that amazing crescendo of pummelling bass intertwined with the mesh of guitar sound, as only PIL could………… Gutted not to hear Public Image naturally, but Mr.Lydon knows he has trapped the audience (old and new) to come back for more. Keep the ticket prices reasonable like they have on this tour, and the sell-out signs will appear as word gets around. Sean Riley (PIL for life), Manchester. Ps – message to the tour bus/ coach driver to ditch that parking ticket slapped on his windscreen, the foreign registration plate means nothing will ever come of it, trust me! J

Sean Riley


Hi , must congratulate PIL on their uk 2012 tour, the Gig in Newcastle, was in my opinion a top concert of all time, and I've seen a few concerts. From the minute John and the band walked in stage it was total experience to see a outstanding performer applying his craft. The sheer effort and skill John and band was totaly professional. For over 2 hours, John and the band took over the theatre , they owned the place. For this, PIL must be congratulated.
You lucky people in north America , you really are in for a treat. And if you haven't yet bought a ticket , do so now ! It will be the best you buy stateside for your $. Hurry back to the UK , PIL. May the road rise with you

Alan Christon


Blackpool, Rebellion Festival, Wintergardens, UK, August 4th 2012

PiL was good at Rebellion. Johnny : Sing- Sing....Lu : Pling- Pling.....Bruce : Thump- Thump and Scott : Bump-Bump. Go see and enjoy a lot.

Albert Horatio Macleod


As always the "Punk Police" know best, or do they? So easy to complain and express opinion on anything relating to their rules of 'Punk Rock'. To them John Lydon is everything they stand against, but in fact 'Punk Rock' is really about embracing change, diversity and positivity, and not conforming to the rules laid out in front of you by idiots.

With this in mind, John Lydon and PIL, were the perfect selection for REBELLION festival. The band sounded awesome, and John's vocals were stunning and stronger than ever. I was stood right next to the speakers, stage right, and the sound was crystal clear, and the BASS sonically hypnotic. John may be too much of a challenge for the "Punk Police", but I know who the real losers are. Real Rebellion begins with CHANGE not CONFORMITY! A Classic moment for true believers in the seeds of circa 76/77.

Kevin 'GEORGE' (Gold ticket No: 1 holder and proud!)

© kevin george


Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall, UK 3rd August 2012

Well what a great night that was, the small WULFRUN HALL in Wolverhampton cannot have known what hit it after PIL took the stage. Opening with THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG managed to get the crowd going early on, a song i was never keen on before, but this new 2012 Version has made it a firm favourite now. The new songs are fitting in well, DEEPER WATER , ONE DROP, OUT OF THE WOODS, LOLLIPOP OPERA and the brilliant REGGIE SONG were all performed tonight, John's voice on fine form throughout, especially on the throat ripping DEATH DISCO - those people whom the song is for can definately hear you John, celebrating their lives.
A great rendition of ALBATROSS as always, showing what a tight little unit Scott Firth and Bruce Smith have become. This performance justifies its admission fee alone. A Spirited rendering of OPEN UP i wont forget in a hurry, due to being elbowed in the face by the big tosser next to me flailing his arms around after throwing John his hoodie, the only other missile i noted being a plastic up nearly hitting John.
The ever present Rambo stage left poised and ready to look after any troubles that arise only added to the idea that THIS IS PIL, and they aint messing about. Nice range of Merch on sale too, new t-shirt designs look great. After tonights gig, I dont think anybody cannot fail to be moved by the noise this band makes, Although quite how Rebellion Fest will go, I have no idea, I cant see a Moheican'd Studded Leather jacket wearing "Punk" enjoying the lenghty FLOWERS OF ROMANCE or WARRIOR, although the BAGS /CHANT medley may get some Pogo-ing going on.
All in All, FANTASTIC, MAJESTIC, If you only see one show this year, Forget sad old men trying to be 19 again, go see PIL - totally in the NOW!

Jon Edwards


just to say thanks again pil for the 2 fantastic shows wolverhampton and reading ..............first of all thanks to the 2 johns , rambo thanks so much for arranging for mr lydon to sign my leg fantastic waited ages for that moment its now on forever .......the shows are always great the new live material is great to the woods my fav with one drop , great lp worth the wait thanks boys for the older material albertros / religion/ and of course death disco the best song out there regarding death , warrior open up sheer class just keep up the great work boys more bass ....more bass roll on london now .....if you have never seen pil or thinking of ging yourselves a favour get your arse to the shows you will not be DISSOPOINTED OF THESE PEOPLE !!!!!

Gary Ross


The was the fifth time I have seen PiL and everytime they get better. The new songs showed their quality by seamlessly blending in with what was a brilliant two hour set (less one very short fag break) filled with PiL classics. The whole band were so tight it was great to witness. The power of the songs pulsed through the venue which had brilliant acoustics. Can't be a better way of spending a Friday night. Thanks to everyone who made it possible.

Neil Shaw


Never seen PIL before. Johnny and the boys ambled on stage and there was a strange Rhythmic beat and then the vocal line This is not a love song. Well thank you very much admission price covered. Fantastic show in a great venue loved every second only song missing for me was Home. As expected a lot of plastic fans who should not have been there to come and stare at the legend of Mr Lydon.

Wait what is the guitarist playing he is so talented it is unreal. That is coming from another professional guitar player drummer looks like he is loving the groove and Bass player locked in tight and grooving along. I have seen alot of shows at this venue and the sound was exceptional tonight. Night closed with an awesome version of Open Up now if you can't have a bit of a dance or move to this there must be something wrong with ya. I will be there on the next tour just can't believe I have never had chance to see them before.

Anthony Green


The show was awesome. Got in half way through This Is Not A Love Song, & the place was rockin! The new material sat comfortably alongside old PiL favourites, Flowers Of Romance, Warrior, Death Disco & Albatross. Johnny saved the best, however, for the song named after one of his favourite subjects - Religion. Awesome

The sound was top notch, the band on top form, & the crowd loved every second of the two hour set

Come back again, real soon!

Pat Doran
(Lollipop Mob winer)


I know everyone has already said it but it was a brilliant show. I am plotting (probably fruitlessly) to find a way of catching one of the last gigs. John Lydon sounded so powerful and was completely on form. The set was excellent, so fresh. I was so excited about this concert; it was worth making my family stay in a Premier Inn (not bad at all) and steeling myself to go in on my own. Fabulous. Thank you Pil. Beware of cheap imitations.



Hey hey! PiL played a storming gig in my hometown a few weeks ago, the town's been buzzing about it ever since. I just checked the tour reports and there's no fan photos of the gig, so here's one off me phone - I hope you'll consider putting it up with the reports. Not a great shot, but a reminder of a full-on, hair-parting, stonking great big wall of unrelenting sound of a monster concert. Fifth PiL gig for me, hope there'll be loads more. 'Twas glorious!

Richard Harvey

© Richard Harvey


Reading, Sub 89, UK, August 1st 2012

I think I bruised a rib somewhere in the pit during the massive 'open up'. The pain is worth every minute of the show. I've seen a lot of gigs at this venue and some blinders there have been, but PIL just took it somewhere else tonight. I think you are always aware of John's legacy. He's a proper legend, part of our countries' history willingly or not, but he has this quality that makes you feel like he's telling you stories in your living room (a very noisy living room) and he's spot on , no where near out of touch, culturally further ahead of the curve than you might think you are and as real as he always was. He even had a pop at the jobs worth security buggers for putting him off which was just him saying what we were all thinking - again. Proving again that he's his own man. No compromise.

Oh yeah. The songs were belters too. But then you knew that if you are a PIL fan.

It's 1 AM and I'm knackered and a bit in awe of what I've just seen so forgive crap grammar and stuff. If you want a night that reminds you of what music and lyrics working together should sound like along with a voice of a generation screaming some sense into your life, go and buy a ticket if you haven't already.

Goodnight all



Hello PiLPerson, Well ive never written a gig review, the band were fantastic giving it their all,great venue too. Anyway thanks again and i hope the rest doesnt sound too contrived..................."From an observers point of view the traffic - stopping beginnings of the arrival of PiL created an unintentional human touch// Later inside the cosy structure of SUB 89 standing close to the front of the stage with my Wife, the PiL sound boomed // The band really tight yet loose// Everyone around me connecting with the energy of the band// "RELIGION" uPPing the bass to floor-vibrating levels and John Lydon whooping and growling//filling the stage,giving the mechanical security staff a piece of his mind,creating his own space on his own terms// The warmth of the new songs giving a future to the mix// England may be dead but PiL certainly are not........................................Well there it is. Cheers.

Nigel Smallwood
(Lollipop Mob winner)


Utterly fantastic - superb sound, excellent band and, John, you are an awesome performer - it's a privilege to be in the mob. The energy, the feeling, the commitment to the music, the connection with the audience made it one of the best gigs I've ever seen. I spent the first half of the gig trying to behave and then moshed it up for the second half. Sweaty daftness in a hot Sub89. Set list was superb - loved Bags!! and the new album is not only fun (Lollipop Opera) but carries emotion, like In the Woods.
Thank you!



It's a pleasure to be one of the lollipop mob and an even greater pleasure to witness the might of PIL at Reading. This was a truly awesome performance - amazing tight baselines, wonderful guitar work, fabulous drumming and surely one of the most charismatic performances from a lead man from Mr Lydon that I've seen for quite some time. It was a show that put any of the young, whippersnappers around okay to shame. Highlights we're Deeper Water, Lollipop Opera ( with some really brilliant singing from John), Religion (unbelievable bass), One Drop, Rise and I absolutely loved to hear the mighty, mighty Disappointed. And on top of all that a brilliant rant from John at the jobs worth security (we are all your friends too John) and a really lengthy set which is great to see. A wonderful night from a brilliant band. May the road rise with you.



I’d thought I’d seen the PiL gig that couldn’t be topped at Heaven earlier in the year. In fact it was that gig which persuaded me to travel out to Reading from London for another dose. Sub89 was sold-out – an intimate venue with a small stage which in truth helped to make this yet another almost-perfect performance. I was down at the front and the sound was excellent – something that can often be hit and miss at smaller venues but PiL created their own wall of sound.

No real surprises in the set-list but it works so well – and you could see that they were having fun doing it too despite (or because of) the odd mistake here and there. Lydon’s vocal style constantly surprises and delights, maturing nicely like the man himself! Lu’s “guitar” is a constant delight, epic bass from Scott (especially the double-bass on Religion) and Bruce keeping it all together so well.. There isn’t a duff song in the two hour plus set which proved to be one of the best workouts I’d had for a long-time, topped off with the traditional high-energy Open Up. The first incarnation of PiL may have been more iconic but this line-up works well on so many levels and performs to such a high standard while keeping it sounding so fresh. Long may this continue. Thanks folks!

Ted Blair


Wasnt the Sub89 gig loud! The PIL audio assault which lasted 2 hours gimme soar ears for 36 hours afterwards. The solid floor was actually vibrating under my feet due to Scott's thundering bass line during Religion. Perhaps after this gig, Sub89 should check for structural damage to the venue.

The set list was a good mix of re-worked old, not so old and new tunes. Quite short songs on record, like Religion and Flowers are turned into 10 minute epics live. I cant think of another band who do re-interpret their own material to this extent. The highlights for me were the still haunting Death Disco, Bags, Chant, Warrior and Into The Woods. And thanks for coming to Reading. Saves us the tiresome trip to London.



Ooooooh Johnny we've missed Ya! What a night. Small sweaty venue, and PIL lifted the roof off it. Right from This Is Not A Love Song through the entire set the Band was fantastic. Scott's Bass and Bruce's Drums rattled the very marrow out of our bones, and Lu's Guitar made your soul scream. One Drop was incredible, and Death Disco brought a tear to this old mans eye. After the show John showed what a true Gentleman he truly is by taking the time to chat to those of us hanging around after the gig. We were at the Bournemouth show the previous night which was also great but the Reading show was the stuff of legend. If you haven't got your ticket yet, get it now, you won't regret it. This old Mohican Punk didn't. May the road rise with you.

Keith Brickell

© Keith Brickell


Hi fellow Lollipop Mobsters .... We went to Sub89 and what a night!!! Thank you so much to all of PIL for coming to see us, it was a very special time. Sub89 holds 650 and all those 650 took off from the minute PIL took to the stage. It's so hard to pick out certain songs as it was 2 hours of non stop soul motivation the way only PIL can do it. The PIL symphony went right through my body and sent me home pulsating! For me, Death Disco was out of this world but there again so was Lollipop Opera, Flowers of Romance, Deeper Water and .... well I'd put the whole set list here. Rise and One Drop almost lifted the roof off the place. The band were a total well oiled machine, what a brilliant lineup. I'll never forget John calling the bouncers baked beans, I'm still laughing at that and from now, each time I see a bouncer, I will laugh thinking of them as baked beans. We also went to the Bournemouth gig on 31st July which was excellent but to me the Sub89 crowd were better. Lot of old punks like myself were there which was great. Proves you're never too old to tear it up! I ached from head to foot for 3 days after the gig but each ache and pain was worth it and I would do it all over again. All I can say is "We come from chaos, you cannot change us"!! The Lollipop Mob were in great form at Sub89! A Rotten night was had by all! Thanks John for talking to us after the gig, it's something I will never forget and please come back to Sub89 again.


© Kathy


Bournemouth, O2 Academy, UK, July 31st 2012

Hi there!! This is my Lollypop Mob Report! I came in Bournemouth from Milan after the Rock in Hidro show was cancelled.. I'm very happy for this, becouse the gain was very high: amaizing performance in Bournemouth!!! This was the first time i saw the PIL, and I hope will be more in the future!! Thank you boys!!


Bournemouth, O2 Academy, UK, July 31st 2012 © Lia



Simply the Greatest gig I`ve ever seen. Touching the core of my being for many reasons,but. I sit here now,at 1.36am 03/03/12 having arrived home a couple of hours ago. My Daughter Robyn(15) having discovered John,and then PIL independently of my influence(being far too clever for that nonsense) and myself set of Tuesday from Northampton to the hotel,car died before the M3,(the car,not mine,a long story). After a few miles trudge against Heavy Motorway traffic,no hard shoulder,help or sign of civilization,we were saved by a Kind Hearted Lady,alone,who first saw me,nearly fifty,sweating heavily in a football shirt!(AFC) dropped us at the station. Sitting down,with cups of tea,Robyn,unfazed,positive as always,looked me in the eyes,smiling said,”Don`t ask me,cause I don`t know” eyes just glowing. Cutting the story very short,before & after! There was nothing we could have hoped for more. Performance,sound,atmosphere. The Lot. Robyn,front & centre,in a beautiful building with beautiful people,all listening to beautiful music. On the walk back to Bournemouth(staying after,as long as possible)sang all the way. Beautiful. I am truly heartbroken to have just read that John had came out just after we had left. I don`t know what to say now,or when I tell Robyn. Thank you,to all in that building,that evening. How can a band stay so fresh,powerful and relevant? Don`t Ask Me! Just don`t stop,please.

Andy Gargoyle

© Andy Gargoyle






Brilliant gig,2 hour set,pil in great form ,made my day photo with john met the band,and john came out end gig,what a legend.Was tops,crowd great bournemouth.Will see pil again.



Was at the o2 last nite and what can i say but i was gobsmacked. loved it all especially deeper water and id never heard lollipop opera before and couldnt believe that exellent bass sound. my moneys down for next time you come to bournemouth. i was the fat one at the front with the fender t shirt on. thank you john for a great musical experience. and of course thank you farmers wife.



Dublin, Button Factory, Ireland, July 29th 2012

What a brilliant start to my fortnight's holiday from work - PiL live in Dublin!
This was a gig that I was looking forward to since I first heard about it, mainly due to the fact that it was going to be my first time seeing John Lydon in the flesh, so to speak. Happy? Too bloody right I was!I made my way by bus to Dublin, butterflies swirling in my gut - the anticipation was palpable.

After a few ciders in Fibber Magees I made the ten minute trek to the Button Factory and joined the queue. Once inside the venue I opted for more cider and an 'official' t-shirt. More money well spent | hasten to add.

No support band (no complaints) and at 8.30 the lads took to the stage. John informed us that he had 'the shits' and was on a dose of Immodium. He apologised in advance lest his voice might let him down but I can assure you that he was in top-form and sounded great all night.

The performance was top notch and the set-list was crammed full of classics. I was amazed at how good the sound was and felt truly privileged to be there.
Death Disco, Flowers of Romance, Religion and Rise were personal favourites but, to be honest, there wasn't a dodgy track from start to finish.

If I was asked to give the gig a 'mark out of ten' it would be most definitely TEN!!! Slightly miffed that Lollipop Opera didn't make the set but that's just nit-picking, isn't it? My heartfelt thanks to John and the boys for a thoroughly entertaining evening. I had the time of my life!

The only complaint I have is with the bus company that I used. Due to the gig being on a Sunday night, I had to leave midway through Open Up as the last bus was leaving at 11 and I didn't fancy missing that and having to face a 30 mile trek!!!!
An excellent night overall. Come back soon, John.

Paddy Campbell



another great show! after 30 years it's not a surprise. great crowd vibe as john noted. what was very cool for me this time was how well the new songs fit in and how many young fans there were who seemed to know them really well. out on the street afterwards first thing i heard was a lad probably not yet 20 shout "fucking savage show man!". i said basically the same thing back in toronto at the first PiL show in my old hometown around 1980 (give or take a year, c'mon.... ) and that, i think, sums up the invincible appeal of PiL. hope them shits is under control! russ

Russ Wood



What a gig and what a night. The band were in blistering form even though John had the shits ha ha (he told us at the start). The double bass in Religion rattled my rib cage and Flowers of Romance was a highlight. Just a great vibe and great energy. Thanks to all.

Nick Hetherington


What a gig! I was at the gig in the Tripod last year and came out saying ‘that’s the best PiL gig I have ever seen’ .I was at the second Heaven gig and came out ‘saying that’s not just the best PiL gig I have ever seen but one of the best gigs I have ever seen!’ .
I came out of The Button Factory last night and said ‘better than Heaven!!’
Roll on London!!

Adrian Barrett


I know nowt about lollipops, but here goes...Naff poem:

The Merlin on guitar was a smashing fella/ the bass lines so hefty, they shook my Stella/ the drummer looked like a member of Madness/ except with cool and not a hint of badness/Finally, Johnny on the podium/note perfect despite taking immodium/ Albatross, Swan Lake and One Drop/just a few of the tunes that soared to the top/ of my all-time big list of great gigs I've attended/ sweaty and grinning as nature intended/ I left with great memories and ears still a-ringing/PIL, you magnificent bastards - you still have me singing...

Noel Baker


Perfect summer PIL evening after a day of heavy showers and rainbow‘s. Excellent sound mix and a lot of Love between audience and john/band. There’s no price for the real thing, thanks John. This band just gets better and it’s truly top of the shop. 2 hours worth of altered states, healing music and shape shifting moments. I couldn’t stop grinning! It was packed solid. All the old and new tribes-skins, punks, mod’s, hillbilly’s! - made for a joyous experience from start to finish. Much shoe shuffling and mainly skanking on the spot (instead of the moshing days of my previous chapters!).
As I hadn’t seen them during this current chapter, it was my first experience of the Bass cranked right up halfway through and the effect was, as I’d been told, of it rumbling right through yer body - most surreal and proper quality. Albatross, Love Song, Rise, Chant, Religion (particularly Bass bone-shaking!), Warrior, Flowers of Romance, a cracking Deeper water and Garden Of Eden to name a few. No Careering, Poptones or Public Image but set list 100% quality as you’d expect from the real deal. John loved the vibe from audience and you knew he meant it. For me, such a polar opposite to last time I’d seen them (the 1986 volatile Brixton gig where idiots were still spitting at john and he had a ruck with one fool that leapt onto the stage)
This was the perfect version, top of his game, and we all entered the dreamtime-well worth the ticket-nice one PIL----from one working class London Irish John to another, may the road rise with you sir-----where's the coffee?!!

John Murphy


One Drop - recorded in Dublin (posted by fan)



Impact Festival, Warsaw, Poland, July 27th 2012

Your performance has been awesome! Dont be mad about poor polish audience. Most has been "fucking weak", but not all ;) You kicked ass with that powerfull sound. Unimaginably strong vocal and music! Never tough that that I'm going to hear cult PiL live :) Thanks Johnny and PiL!



Dear PIL, Admittedly, I'd ever even heard of PIL (although the logo rang a bell), and I was never a real fan of the pistols, but your show in warsaw last month just blew me away. it was a truely mystical experience.

singer - rotten preacher of love and doom, guiter player - anglo-saxon druid summoning the powers of the forest - playing style amazing - cool guitars too, bass - so funky and steady, drums - fundamentally fundamental, combination of it all - i LOVED it, and so did my girlfriend, and she's not even a real music fan. when johnny said, clearly disappointed, thanks to all those who appreciated us, i definitely was among those. this is not love song!!!! wow, i liked it from the first second "where are all the good Poles? They are in London!" LOL!

Belgian in Poland


Lollipop Mob Competition Winners!

Congradulations to the following Lollipop Mob members who have won a signed CD and guest list for the show of their choice. John and Rambo picked the winners by choosing a random number from all the entries.

Nigel Smallwood / Pat Doran / Tony Goode - check your inboxes...

Lets have a strong Lollipop Mob presence for all the upcoming shows!


Rock in Idrho, Milan, Italy, July 21st 2012

Tonight's show at the Rock In Idrho in Milan was cancelled due to extreme weather just before PiL were due to take the stage. Torrential rain and thunderstorms caused irreparable damage to the PA. John and all the PiL team were gutted to have to cancel, but had no choice. John has this message to pass on…

The storm of the century is looming on the outskirts of Milano and they have cancelled the gig just before Public Image was about to hit the stage. I apologise to Italy. And I apologise to concert goers everywhere and anywhere, PiL will not be denied. Hope you get your money back. And we hope to get the chance to play again. Because we love Italy. Thank you for putting up with us, you know it is not our fault, this is what Policemen do. Oh, and it did rain before we went on. Thank you…
- John Lydon, July 21st 2012


Question Time, July 5th

Strange that no fans stopped to speak with the politicians, and that the politicians didn't stop to speak with the people. Who really does care what's going on and understands humanitity. Thanks to both Johns for caring and having the photos taken and autographing our PiL treasures. See you at the gig in Wolverhampton.

Neil Shaw

Question Time, July 6th © Neil Shaw


Belgrade Calling Festival, USCE Park, Serbia, June 29th 2012

PiL played their first show of the summer tour tonight at the Belgrade Calling Festival. Mr Lydon had this to say:

"The Lollipop Mob has opened a new Serbian chapter. May the road rise. This is now officially a PiL zone. Well done Serbia, love ya" - John Lydon, June 29th 2012.



Amazing gig. The band is in top form and John is best fucking singer ever. I was happy to see them enjoying beeing on the stage as much as we enjoyd seeing and hearing them. New songs sounded as powerfull as the old ones. There were a few little tehnical glitches, but the band pulled it off with bravery and a bit of a laugh. I'm not sure how long did they played, but who cares? It was fucking brilliant. Give my love to mr Lydon and the boys, and may the road rise with you.



Hi PIL & fellow Lollipops!

I'm Misha Mashina, from Serbia, writing (a bit late, but better late than never!) about PIL's show on "Belgrade Calling Festival" played in Belgrade, Serbia. This was the first time I saw PIL live, waiting for the opportunity for long long years! PIL came and PIL conquered: with straight honesty and obvious fun on stage. A note though: my girlfriend and I expected the same from Sisters of Mercy, but they disappointed rather badly, with their macho-clown poses and fake playing (we still don't understand how most of the people from the audience never realised how much of a playback was there, without real playing from the "musicians" themselves, all hidden behind the smoke for the obvious reason!). Thus, PIL overshadowed all other participants, even the "notorious" Faith No More and their boring "we'll play tough, you'll look tough while jumping to our tune and we'll all feel high and mighty just because that's all we can ever manage to achieve". PIL released so colourful and vivid wave of sound towards us, we tried to catch it with heads, hands and yells. Strange that some journalists reported that the "punk band PIL didn't manage to move the crowd enough". Yes, they said "punk band" and "didn't manage". The same journalists were so satisfied with Sisters of Mercy that they probably lack both the (at least) common knowledge of PIL and it's history, and also the ears to acknowledge the difference between sincere music and posing.

But anyway, we danced, we sang, we enjoyed from the first kick of the bass.

Finally, i'd like to thank you for the great performance and wish you many more good albums and projects. Still devouring "This is PIL", and it sounds great too, although a bit more 'calm' than what I expected :) See you all one day again!



Open Up live at Belgrade Calling (posted by fan)



Lollipop Mob Update: June 24th 2012

On June 4th we asked anyone overseas who was having problems finding the new PiL album to contact us. We were pleased to help, and if anyone else is still having problems. LET US KNOW - we will always, always, do our best to help with anything...

Here's some info other Lollipop's may find useful.


Michael D. Fellows, New York, June 4th

Michael D. Fellows: Where can I buy the album in NYC?

PiL Official: We will try find out for you. Where did you try? Tell them it is distributed by RedEye. If push comes to shove you can buy it on Amazon. See links on the site.

Michael D. Fellows: I had tried Target and Best Buy.

PiL Official: We heard back from Redeye. They say Best Buy should be getting it this week. They also said to try J&R or Other Music in NYC. Hope that helps.

Michael D. Fellows: Thanks for the help! And please pass along my love of the new album to the boys. Can't stop playing it!


Johnjohnjr, Boston, June 4th

Johnjohnjr: Having trouble finding album, also record store day 5 of us went to dif shops could not find ONE DROP we went to newbury comics 3 diff ones none to be found thank you

PiL Official: What city is that? We'll see what we can find out. If push comes to shove you can buy it on Amazon. See links on the site.

Johnjohnjr: BOSTON MA USA we tried 5 diff newbury comics stores on record store no one drop on record store day this is the only really good shop john

PiL Official: Hearing from Redeye that Newbury should have the album. Redeye have also ordered more of One Drop Cargo. Hope that helps.

Johnjohnjr: thank you very much for going out of your way hope its newbury comics on newbury st as we say in boston see ya thanks


John W. Sisson, Chicago, June 4th

John W. Sisson: I've been looking for the new album ion independent record shops such as Reckless but haven't see it yet. This was at Reckless in Chicago. I know I can buy it online but was hoping to see PiL represented in my local shop -- a new PiL album is a big deal!

PiL Official: Just heard back from Redeye. Apparently Reckless have the album in stock. They also said to try Rolling Stone Records. Hope that helps.


Jay Hickey, ON, Canada, June 4th

Jay Hickey: Hey... anxiously awaiting the arrival of the deluxe set - local shop said they only got the standard edition in last week - not sure if there was a delay for North America for the deluxe or not - hoping for this week. Can't wait to see the DVD. Heard a preview clip of Reggie Song and it sounds awesome. Feels like 1989 when I searched the shops for "9". P.S. Please come back to Toronto!

PiL Official: Did your local shop order it for you? We'll see what we can find out. If push comes to shove you can buy it on Amazon. See links on the site.

Jay Hickey: Not a problem - they did say it was on order with the standard. I wanted to support the local guy - I'll give them this week and then order elsewhere, if needed. Just thought I'd mention it in case you were having any trouble with Canadian distribution - but it's early days...

PiL Official: We heard back from Cargo, there was some mix up, apparently they only shipped to Canada last week. They should be in stock soon. Please let us know how you get on.

Jay Hickey: Thanks so much... very much appreciated. Can't wait!

Jay Hickey: Local store is now well stocked - thanks for such personal service. Just watched the entire video - awesome. Can't wait for the North American dates.... Long live PiL....


Steven Gray, Moscow, June 4th

Steven Gray: Is the New PIL album available to buy in Moscow? I could buy it online via Amazon but the post is so bad here it is likely to get lost. Are there any plans for PIL to play Moscow?

PiL Official: I don't think so but will try find out.

Steven Gray: Thank you very much for trying, I don't think many other bands would even to try and solve a problem like this, I very much appreciate it.

PiL Official: Not forgot about you, still trying to confirm. Looks like there might be 2 places.

Steven Gray: I found a shop that has the new PIL CD in Moscow. It is a shop called Purple Legion. They have the CD copy and the CD copy with DVD. It is quite near where I live, so I am very pleased.

PiL Official: Nice one. Looks like we were wrong then! Glad you got it! Enjoy it mate.


John Kincaid, Australia, June 5th

John Kincaid: To whom it may concern. I live in Australia and cannot find a store that is selling the new PiL Album which is annoying to be honest. Has it been released in Oz yet?

PiL Official: Yes, you're in luck. It was released today!

John Kincaid: Thanks for the info. I'll check out my local CD/Record shops tomorrow & hopefully, they'll either have a copy or can order it for me. Thanks again for getting back to me so quick. Keep up the good work.


Zak Kramer, San Francisco, June 6th

Zak Kramer: Hello, I can't find the new LP (vinyl) in any local stores even though the release date is supposedly today, amazon has it listed as shipping in 3-6 weeks. What gives? Can I find a copy locally?

PiL Official: There was a shipping mix up with Amazon, it should be sorted now.

Got this from Redeye. Hope it helps.Let us know how you get on! "This should be available at Amoeba SF, Amoeba Berkeley, Rasputin, Aquarius, and Street Light. These are selling quickly and it is possible that location is waiting for a re-order to arrive. "

Zak Kramer: I was at amoeba sf yesterday, they said they never got it

PiL Official: Hot off the press... Let us know how you get on. "Amoeba SF reordered yesterday and it should be back in stock on Friday."

Zak Kramer: picked up a copy today, thanks!


Bucks Burnett, Dallas, TX, June 19th

Dear PIL People, Want to tell you why I will be buying the new PIL CD this week. Not because I love PIL music - which I do - always have. Not because of the Pistols, whom I also love. Saw them in Dallas. Not because Mr. Rotten is so clever, which he is. Met him at a book signing in Dallas. I know him to be clever, and he signed my Pistols 8 track tape.

I will be buying this CD because of what he said in the video blog. As a musician and artist, I have been resigned and furious for too many years at both labels and musicians for not caring enough to fight more, work more, and spend more, to create better art and packaging to go with the music.

I'm sick of all the people, both fans and bands, not caring enough to try harder, to create things worth staring at, or keeping forever. When I buy a CD, it either becomes a valued addition to everything I own, no less important than my guitar or my bed or my clothes. Great albums, and covers, can and should be like a friend, one you want to have around.

The packaging looks great. Your effort is appreciated. Thanks for being one of the few bands that care enough to even mention the art, much less produce it. If we artists do not fight and work to produce and protect art, and the right to make it great, well, no one will do it for us.

A few years ago I put out a CD and spent as much on the packaging almost as I did the music. I paid for it all, no one helped, and it basically destroyed the band almost - ensuring the project would lose money. But I am still proud of what we did, and that is what counts, I know I tried my very best to create something great.

So thank you, PIL, for trying to make something great. And all those who do not try, well, they can continue in their lesser experience of life. Sorry to go on but you inspired me today. Keep up the good work.


Zachery Allan Starkey, NYC, June 24th

Hey PIL People, Long time PIL fan here (I am 29, been a fan since I was 14). Just wanted to give you a heads can now find This is PIL at Bleeker Street Records on Bleeker Street in the West Village in NYC. Awesome independent record store. I will keep you posted when I see it in other record stores here in NYC, always keeping my eyes open. New record is brilliant!



Lollipop Mob Update: June 11th 2012

Lollipop Blog - Part 1!

Today sees the start of a regular video blog which John has recorded specially for PiL Official (The Lollipop Blog!). In part 1 John talks about the recording of 'This Is PiL' and his inspiration for the stunning artwork for the album which he painted and designed throughout.


John Lydon Lollipop Blog Part 1: This is PiL Artwork

View the blog via the PiL Official YouTube page...



London, Heaven, UK, April 2nd 2012

Just returned home to Bonnie Scotland having spent 2 superb nights down in London watching P.i.L take over Heaven. The now familiar line up of John, Lu, Bruce and Scott just get better and better every time i see them. On both nights they treated us to over 2 hours of classic songs that had the whole place jumping. In amongst the set were 5 new tracks from the forthcoming “This is P.i.L” album and if these tracks are anything to go by its gonna be an absolute classic. I would like to thank everyone involved with P.i.L for an amazing time but special thanks go to John, Rambo and the band. Hope it wont be too long until we can all do it again.



Thanks to the band for two excellent shows at Heaven. Both were great, although the 2nd night was was stand-out! The new stuff is exceptional and you can be well proud of yourselves! And the megaphone was a nice touch as well!

Praise also for the Heaven security who were respectful to the punters and even handed out free bottles of mineral water during the encores. Other venues take note! One Drop in the Thames!



Hello Public Image Ltd. Claude & Janette here from Leeds. What Great Show's you put on at the Heaven Venue in London. We went to both Gig's & they was Fantastic as always !!!

The Band sounded Great, John Looked Great, Everyone was in a Good mood & the Heaven venue was a great little place to be in, it was Rocking all night for two nights !! We like the new songs, Lollipop opera is the Best one for us, followed by One Drop, there are no bad one's cos they are all Good, & they will really grow on you, before you know it you'll be singing "Lolli-pop Opera" in the shower, just like i was this morning !!!

Well over 2 hour's of Pure Hard Pil is what you get at these shows, it Knocks Hell out of you, Great stuff !! We can't wait for the New Album to come out & more Pil Gig's to go to this year.Also we'd like to say a Thousand Thanks to our Friend Rambo for being a part of the Guest list. Cheer's to John & Rambo, & all the Band hope to see you all again soon.

Kind Regard's Claude & Janette. x

London, Heaven, UK, April 2nd 2012 © David Worth London, Heaven, UK, April 2nd 2012 © David Worth London, Heaven, UK, April 2nd 2012 © David WorthLondon, Heaven, UK, April 2nd 2012 © David WorthLondon, Heaven, UK, April 2nd 2012 © David Worth



I first saw PiL 30 years ago, in Pasadena,when touring Flowers of Romance. I've seen Lydon/Rotten perform about 5 times since then in both Pil and the reformed Sex Pistols and feel moved to say that in 2012, Johnny has secured his place as one of the great living stage performers of our times - in any genre. I go to the opera, I see Broadway/West End theatre, experimental plays, and world-class music from symphony to Gnawa to rock to jazz. I have been lucky enough to see first-rate art and entertainment at many international locations over my whole life. I am also a performer, a vocalist. I am not flattering or exaggerating when I give the highest praise to the recent PiL show.

The band was excellent, truly a supergroup. Bruce Smith is a total legend and killed it on the drums; Firth on bass was rock solid and Lu Edmonds, it just has to be said, played some FREAK OUT psychedelic guitar of the finest and trippiest order. They moved seamlessly between new and old cuts, giving due to the original recordings while adding new flavours so that there was something enriched and enlivened, a deeper interpretation. J may move about on stage less but it doesn't diminish his performance. He channels his energy into his voice and arms and at times was exactly like a shaman, energetically connecting with and exciting the crowd. Surprisingly perhaps, for those who associate him with rebellion and anger, I found there to be an enormous amount of LOVE transmitted in the performance. The audience loved Johnny (and band) and I definitely felt he loved us back. But that's not to say there was anything shmaltzy or sentimental about it. It was as tough and uncompromising as ever. The message seemed to be "Love well and THINK (for fuck's sakes)" and that's a message I can relate to. When he hypnotized the crowd into chanting take down tinseltown/burn it to the ground it send chills up and down my spine and I thought "this is revolutionary - nobody else at this level is gonna dare say that - or even think it!"

A lot has been said and written about many different aspects of Lydon's artistry, his lyrics, his choice of musicians, his attitude and style, but not enough gets said or written about his VOICE. As a singer, I have to say that there are few vocalists out there who successfully take such enormous risks with their voices. The only thing I've ever seen that remotely resembled JRL letting out one of his yells was when, coming down off ayahuasca, I fixated upon a rooster making his call; the way its entire body seemed to be charged with some kind of supernatural energy before releasing this outrageous cry. Seeing JLR let his head fall back, his arms outstretched, and the call fly from his throat is a thrilling thing to witness. Johnny never hits a bum note. Even the "sprechgesang" (speak-singing) that he does is perfectly pitched, the intonation is never flat or sharp even if it goes wild off the main melody. His little groovin' dance moves are a newer thing, first witnessed by me at the Pistols' Brixton show, and may seem a far cry from the punk thrashings of yore but they are both funny and tasty. And PiL was always down with the groove anyway. After all, didn't they have ESG open for them back in Pasadena? An unbelievably cool and weird pairing that let all us punk fans of Funkadelic and Cameo know that we were on to something and that punk and funk could go together.

I have to say that I also really appreciate John and the band keeping the price down. Twenty quid to see one of the best living bands at a small club is an unbelievable bargain. I mean, some after-hours drinking places charge more just to get in the door. London is a total rip off and I hardly ever go there to party these days (living in Brighton) and I honestly could not believe that I was able to get to see the new PiL for that amount. Thank you!

I have a lot more I could say but I think I'll elaborate later on my blog, 66 witches. For now though, just wanted to say thanks for an amazing performance. People are stupid who say Johnny has sold out or that PiL isn't relevant today. This is some of the most challenging and yet listenable music that is being created in this day and age. I feel enormously lucky to have seen Monday's show.

Viva Rotten indeed! All the best.

Diana Rosalind Trimble


just to say a big thanks to p.i.l for 2 glorious shows at heven in london , they really do put on a fantastic show mr lydon as good as ever well all the band tight as ever great guitars drums and bass the new material sounds great , great to see the song writing is as good as ever the highlight for me was albatros ( even though i gave johnny a bit of banter each night "running away to la" !!!! only joking john ) religion is always great with heavy bass riffs as was the new material look forward to the new ep / lp and more touring later on in the year if you havent seen them yet ..shame on you they are worth every penny ..........catch you on tour soon

Gary Ross



Hi - here's a little review and some pics from the Heaven gig on April 02nd.

Retro Man


London, Heaven, UK, April 1st 2012

dear pil, what a show last night..the new stuff sounds great ,looking forward to the new album.john was on good form as ever and the band must be the best pil lineup there has been.will be seeing them at the forumthanks for a great show.



Very Loud & Clear the Bass shook our socks off Massive Performance from P.I.L. Deeper Water -This is Not a Love Song - Lollipop Opera this is what we wanted this is what we getted it was Full On serious fun relentless & Full On - Disappointed - Warrior - it went on pounding this little Heaven - John endeared himself to us by fiddling with his spectacles and saying "I'm blind as a bat... But you're still all Fucking Ugly!" a medley of P.i.L. stufff I lost my way for a bit Chant was in there -See it in your eyes Burn which Joan of Arc did - Reginald then from full on it all shifted into Overdrive with Flowers of Romance (a version to make you Blind) followed by Religion given the treatment it deserved mind blowing - shame the Pope wasn't in attendance. Black Rubber Bag - One Drop - out for a fag - another swig of Brandy(John not me) then the Encores Through the woods we went then Rise and finishing a Fucking Great Set with Open Up. No One Could be Disappointed with over two hours of this Great Band. John, you showed your Love of it All in Spades tonight Thank You So Very Much.



London, Boileroom TV, March 19th 2012

"Secret" show streamed live on Boiler Room TV via the Record Store Day website. The show was arranged at a very intimate London location for the official launch of Record Store Day. As previously mentioned the 4 track 'One Drop' EP will be released on April 21st as part of Record Store Day.

"The destruction of the music industry is because people can't buy records easily. A record is for life. A download is a lack of life. A poor substitute for a real wife!" - John Lydon

PiL: One Drop: Live at Boilerroom, March 19th 2012


London, Queen Elizabeth Hall, March 16th 2012

Last night's BBC 6 Music Queen Elizabeth Hall show saw PiL baptise 2 new songs: 'Deeper Water' and 'One Drop', along with a selection of PiL classics. The band shone like a beacon and the new songs had the crowd dancing in the aisles! Songs played: Deeper Water / This Is Not A Love Song / Disappointed / Warrior / Albatross / Flowers of Romance / One Drop / Rise

Albatross, Live at Southbank (BBC footage posted by fan)



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