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Japanese limited edition CD re-issues July 2011

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July, 27th 2011

Japan: PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED catalog released on papersleeve for the first time

Public Image Limited’s catalog, a band formed by Sex Pistol’s vocalist, John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten), will be released on papersleeve for the first time on July 27th (Japan only).

After a long hiatus since the release of “That What Is Not” in 1992, PiL returned at end of 2009 and will be back in Japan for the Summer Sonic 2011.

From 1978 debut album “Public Image - First Issue” through to 1992’s “That What Is Not”, and also including John Lydon’s solo album “Psycho’s Path” from 1997, total of 11 albums will be released as papersleeve for the first time. Also, the replica of the 2nd album “Metal Box” released as 3x12” vinyl’s in film canister will be released as 3CD limited edition.

The Greatest Hits…So Far” originally released in 1990 will be released simultaneously with 1 bonus track.

Release Information
★ Papersleeve

[1]Public Image - First Issue 1978 TOCP-95070
[2]Second Edition 1980 TOCP-95071
[3]Paris In The Spring (Live) 1980 TOCP-95072
[4]Flowers Of Romance 1981 TOCP-95073
[5]Live In Tokyo 1983 TOCP-95074
[6]This Is What You Want … This Is What You Get 1984 TOCP-95075
[7]Compact Disc (Album) 1986 TOCP-95076
[8]Happy? 1987 TOCP-95077
[9]9 1989 TOCP-95078
[10]That What Is Not 1992 TOCP-95079
[11]Psycho’s Path (John Lydon’s solo) 1997 TOCP-95080

Release date: July 27th, 2011 / Price: JPY2800(tax included)
Digitally Remastered
Replica of UK original vinyl LP package
Replica of the original Japanese obi
Limited Edition

★ Metal Box 1979 TOCP-95081/83
3CD Replica Of The Original Vinyl Release
Release Date: July 27th, 2011 / Price: 3CD JPY3200(tax included)
Digitally Remastered
Limited Edition

★ The Greatest Hits … So Far 1990 TOCP-95084
Release Date: July 27th, 2011 / Price: JPY 2000(tax included)
Digitally Remastered
UK tracklisting; with bonus track Acid Drops
Standard jewel case


Live Information

August 13 (Sat) Osaka
August 14 (Sun) Tokyo

PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. Solo concert
August 15 (Mon) Shin-kiba Studio Coast @Tokyo


Johnny Rotten, vocalist and lyricist of the Sex Pistols, left the band in January 1978. Changing his name back to John Lydon (for legal reasons) he quickly formed PiL (“Public Image Ltd”). Their debut album “Public Image - First Issue” was released later in the year. With an innovative sound PiL become a pioneers of the post-punk era.

In 1979, the second album “Metal Box” which came in the form of three 12”, 45 rpm discs in a film canister was released. In 1980, the band released its first live album “Paris In The Spring”. The 3rd album “Flowers Of Romance” was released in 1981 followed in 1983 by “Live In Tokyo”. With several member changes PiL continues to release “This Is Want You Want…This Is What You Get”(1984), “Album”(1986), “Happy?”(1987), “9”(1989) but goes into hiatus after the release of “That What Is Not” in 1992. In 1996, we see the return of the Sex Pistols and Lydon released a solo album “Psycho’s Path” in the following year.

PiL returned in 2009 with former members: Lu Edmonds (guitar) and Bruce Smith (drums) joining new recruit Scott Firth (bass). Lu and Bruce had been vital members of the band circa 1986-89 playing on albums such as ‘Happy?’ and ‘9’. Scott’s arrival into the band in 2009 resulted in John Lydon declaring him “Genius at work!” The current line-up has been hailed by Lydon as the “Greatest PiL ever”. A view shared by fans, critics and promoters. In 2011, PiL will come to Japan for the Summer Sonic, their first live dates in Japan in 22 years.


Pomotional Giveaways...

As mentioned above – to tie in with the re-release of all PiL albums on limited edition CD in Japan – Disk Union, HMV Online Japan and Tower Records Japan are doing some special promotional giveaways for customers buying the discs. Details are as follows.

Disk Union: Customers will receive a special unique PiL box to house the discs when they purchase all 12 CD's (excluding 'The Greatest Hits So Far'). The box features 'Public Image - First Issue' on the front, 'That What Is Not' on the rear. And is branded with PiL logos.
Visit the Disk Union website via this link...

Tower Records Japan: Customers will receive a unique PiL poster with purchase of any of the 13 CD's.
Visit the Tower Records Japan website via this link...

HMV Online Japan: Customers will receive a set of 10 PiL badge's featuring individual album artwork with a purchase of all 11 CD's excluding 'Psycho’s Path' and 'The Greatest Hits So Far'.
Visit the HMV online website via this link...


Disc Union: PiL Box Tower Records Japan: PiL Poster HMV Online Japan: PiL Badges

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